How to Be A Stylish Power Couple

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Fashion in relationships can be a funny matter. Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a partner that has the exact same fashion sense as you, other times you just want them to get rid of that one worn out clothing that you absolutely hate.

However, being a couple means tolerating with each other, so that you can achieve an agreement that satisfies both parties and work together to become a fashionable couple. Just look at Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez; two polar opposites from different worlds entirely but have found a common ground in fashion making them the “it” Hollywood couple today. You and your partner can be like that too.

So, grab a pen and a notepad, and let’s go through some simple ways to become a stylish power couple and possibly the next A-Rod and J-Lo.

1.    Understand each other’s fashion sense

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To make this work, you need to understand your partner’s fashion sense beforehand. This is to determine which are their strong points and which are their weaker ones. From there, you can work things through and figure out what looks best on the both of you. You also need to know how your clothes play out from each other because you do not want to look too distant from each other fashion-wise.


2.    Colour-coordinate


Contrary to popular belief, it is actually quite cute to colour-coordinate with your significant other. However, you are only allowed to match colours and nothing else. Do not under any circumstances wear the exact same clothes together unless you want to appear cringey in the public eye or look like long lost twins. Only match colours with different shades with one another, or you could subtly match a neutral colour together and have the rest however you want it.


3.    Bring her/him out of the comfort zone

Remember when David Beckham dressed like a schlub when he first started, then Victoria Beckham, who was and still is a fashion icon, came into his life and changed his style forever? If your partner is not so much into fashion and always relies on a hoodie whenever they dress, then it is time to get them to try out new clothes that are outside of their comfort zone. It might be difficult to persuade them to wear something totally different than what they own, but trust us, the both of you will look like a power couple that will make other couples jealous.


4.    Let you partner show off


A statement piece only goes well when it is worn with other subtle clothing items that do not compete with it. Same goes to the way you and your partner dress. If your partner wants to wear a bright red leather jacket for the day, let them. You on the other hand, wear something that does not compete with your partner’s statement piece. Wear something laid back like an all-black outfit and let your significant other get all the spotlight.



Do you plan your outfit with your partner? How do you do coordinate it with each other? Share with us at the comments section below!