How to Elevate Your Everyday Outfit


There are many ways you could do to elevate your everyday outfits. Whether using accessories, try out different styling, mix and match the outfits you already have or even try the swap challenge. Lets do some digging in our closet to find what we can do to spice up the boring everyday look.

1. Use accessories


The most common tip is to use accessories. No matter what accessories you have, it will always work. Pick any of statement piece that you want the spotlight to focus on. Be bold and play around with various kinds of accessories such as bracelets and earrings. These accessories can be worn with anything you have on. making you appear minimalist yet so chic.

2. Try out different styling


Even you have worn the clothes plenty of times over and over again, trying out different styles would give a fresh vibe. Step up your dressing game by styling the clothes differently. Not wearing them inside out of course, but perhaps tucking one side of the shirt and leave another as it is would be a nice idea. Another well known styling tips is to knot a button down shirt to show off your waist especially with those oversized tops.

3. Mix and Match Game


If you have a habit of purchasing your clothes in set (we know most people do) then you are in for a treat. Mix the printed top with a plain bottom for a contrasting effect to freshen up your look. With the streetwear style trend still going strong jumping to the bandwagon is the right time. Mixing jogger pants, jacket and boots sounds like what a superstar would wear.

4. The swap challenge


Your everyday outfits can be elevated with the swap challenge as well. The swap challenge is something interesting to try especially if you think you have ran out of ideas. Swap your clothes with your partner, your sister or even your BFF. This is a fun and exciting thing to do! Not only you get to try out different styles of clothing, you could also save some money while doing it. Each individual has their own unique styles and its good for you to try the swap challenge to freshen up your wardrobe choices If you never thought of doing the swap challenge to solve your boring everyday outfit problem, you should!.

In conclusion, you don’t need much but creativity and willingness to experiment different ways of styling, using accessories and probably swapping a shirt or two with someone close to you Let us know what else you think we should try to elevate our everyday outfit in the comment section.