How to Not Look Tired in the Office


From the ambitious go-getters to working mothers, tiredness can get the best of us. It’s no surprise that some of us appear like walking zombies on a Wednesday morning. When that happens, we depend on coffee for an energy boost. However, having coffee can backfire when we’re immune to it.

The thing is it doesn’t take much to look less tired in the office. Some find their mood positively change from wearing the right pair of shoes. Others work with a Starbucks in hand. Whatever your approaches may be, there are many ways you can do to look fresh and energize. If you need some help, here’s what you can do to persevere a tough day at work.

1. Have a good night’s rest


They don’t call it beauty sleep for anything. It gives your mind and body the ample rest it deserves. When you enjoy eight hours of sleep, it lifts up your mood, improves your alertness and decreases your stress. Do it daily, and it does wonders to your work performance. To prepare your mind for bedtime, stay away from smartphones and laptops an hour before your scheduled sleep. That’s because the light from these devices can interrupt your body’s natural sleep cycle. Instead, read a book to ease your mind into your natural state of rest.

2. Brighten up your eyes


If you have an important meeting to attend or a big presentation to lead, you can’t do it with a pair of panda eyes. A quick way to brighten up your eyes is putting a few eye drops. For instant beauty lifter, fake a doe-eyed look by applying mascara. You can also take it a step further by applying concealer on your eye bag to look less tired.

3. Apply a bright lipstick


If you ran out of mascara and concealer, there’s another way to draw attention away from your tired eyes. We recommend putting a bold or bright lipstick. Not only will it provide the illusion of a put-together look, but it also enlivens your appearance. Thus, have you looking ready to take on the day’s challenges.

4. Step into the shower


This one is a no-brainer. The best way to make you feel less tired is to step into the shower. Sometimes, all you need is a jolt from a cold shower to increase your alertness before work. Then, take the next step by splashing your face with cold water. For the gents, remember to get a quick shave so you’ll look less haggard.

5. Eat something healthy


You know that sluggish feeling you have after a hearty lunch? Believe it or not, that contributes to your tiredness during work. Eating processed carbohydrates and junk food will make you feel lazy. To overcome it, opt for healthier meal. Think fruits, granolas and trail mix. Not only will it keep you away from sugary snacks, but it also keeps you full and healthy at the same time.

6. Take regular breaks


All work and no play makes you a dull person. When you’re constantly working on your laptop, your mind will get bored and tired. And you know what happens next? Your tired eyes and expression will start to show. The best thing to do is take regular breaks. Indulge in a ten-minute afternoon nap if you can. Alternatively, you can step out of the office for a breather.

7. Enjoy your weekend rest


We know it’s tempting to check your work emails or get a head start on your project before the week begins. However, resting is also important. If you’re sacrificing your weekends on work, it’s no surprise why you’re feeling tired in the office. So give yourself a well-deserved rest. Occupy your time by doing something you love. When you set aside some time for yourself, you’ll be ready to take on a new week ahead.

We know that a busy work week is unavoidable. However, you should always find ways to put yourself first. To look less tired in the office, enjoy eight hours of sleep and do something you love during the weekends. Otherwise, you can rely on mascara or bright lipstick for a quick beauty hack. We hope these tips will have you looking energized in the office.

What’s your favourite way to not look tired at work? Share your secrets in the comments below!