How to Still Look Cool On One of Your Lazy Days


Let’s be honest here, we would rather stay at home, doing nothing and watch Netflix all day long without going anywhere. But, we women, however, still want to look good even on our lazy days! Just because we are feeling lazy, we don’t need to show it. At least wear something that looks good and comfortable. Here are some outfits that you can rock even on your lazy days!

1. Sweatshirts


One of the most comfortable outfits you ever need is definitely a sweatshirt! It is not only baggy and comfy but it keeps us warm. Imagine, watching movies with a cup of tea while wearing a sweatshirt, ahhh! How relaxing it feels. However, you still can style them with jeans, throw some accessories on, a statement like belt and heels to make it look STYLISH!

2. Leggings


Leggings not only for sport or exercise, but you just can wear them on your lazy-day. Beside the comfy feeling it gives, it also makes you look sexy! Pair them with knitwear, boots or necklaces and there you go, lazy outfit yet sttll appears put together. You also may wear them with crop-top, throw some blazer/bomber jacket and knee high boots to make it look more classic! People might not notice that actually leggings are pants that we can actually wear them on a daily basis.

3. Bomber Jackets

New York str S18 242b.jpg

Bomber jacket is one of the outfits that every Hollywood celebrities style on their casual day out. It is not only effortlessly stylish but it makes the whole outfit look 10 times better! You can just wear it with jeans, a pair of sneakers or boots and add some accessories like a watch or bracelet. Oh! Don’t forget to wear sunglasses too! That’s what makes your look transform to a whole new level.

4. Boots

New York str F18 131a.jpg

Boots are something that you can wear whenever you have no moods for those high heels. It will spice up your outfit and still provide comfort for walking compared to wearing high heels. Pair them with your baggy hoodie/sweatshirt, add on statement pieces like a belt and a small bag. Or you can just match them with your short jeans with a crop-top and you have already created a chic look.

So, what do you guys wear to still look cool on even when you have no mood? Share with us on the comment section down below!