Instagram-famous People You Should Follow for The Best Makeup Tutorial


Since its first debut in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most downloaded apps in the world. With more than 400 million daily users Instagram is loved by many because it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Simply put, Instagram is the place where you can view what your best friends outfit of the day is, what your neighbor is having for dinner or your long lost enemy new partner. If you are not on Instagram yet you should especially if makeup is something you are into.

These Instagram-famous people will make you hit that like and follow button because they provide more than just the best makeup tutorial. Our list comprises of the OG in the make up industry, beauty influencer and also those who you need to look forward to in makeup scene. Lets hit it.

1. putreeo

Instagram followers : 161K

photo credit:    putreeo Instagram

photo credit: putreeo Instagram

Dr. Putri Shameen Hashim aka Putreeo as her instagram handle is someone you need to follow if you enjoy a mix of beautiful feeds, selfies, makeup looks, products review or for the purpose of entering her giveaway. Even she does not upload daily like any other Instagrammer, her posting is always something to look forward too for her followers. Having a professional career in dentistry, beauty with brains is what Putreeo is.

2. dollydalilah

Instagram followers : 24.6K

photo credit:    dollydalilah Instagram

If you are in for an aesthetically pleasing feed, Dolly has it. Dolly often seen posting about outfits, skincare items or anything make up related. Her followers are spoiled with videos of her applying makeups and you can see her ravings about it. If you ever in need of inspiration check out her highlights folder for some make up of the day #motd. Dolly also collaborated with big brands in makeup industry Urban Decay, Loreal, Fenty just to name a few. Even her followers are not massive yet, we bet Dolly will shine and grow in no time.

3. cilibling

Instagram followers : 224k

photo credit:    cilibling Instagram

photo credit: cilibling Instagram

Cilibling, pronounced as Silly-bling is a young and talented social media influencer especially in makeup. The proud owner of Cili Bling channel on YouTube often posts about makeup and skincare. If you enjoy random musings, get ready with me (GRWM) type of video Cilibling is your go to girl. Cilibling plays a lot with make up and frequently posts video of her creating an awesome look.

4. norianathefacedesigner

Instagram followers : 67.6k

The social media bae or Noriana the face designer as her profile suggests is another make up enthusiast you should follow. Either applying make up to herself or others she is no stranger when it comes to using bold and bright colors. Even Fendi beauty a brand owned by Rihanna reposted her photo proving just how awesome she is. Besides make up she also shared pictures of her work on clients especially the looks she did on campaigns.

5. syedewa

Instagram follower : 206K

photo credit:    syedewa Instagram

photo credit: syedewa Instagram

A makeup artist and a founder. If you are not familiar with him, then perhaps you must have seen his work on a social mogul, Neelofa. Yes, he was the one behind the perfect makeup and nude lips that Neelofa is synonym for. Syedewa also owns a YouTube channel that he often posts about reviews on beauty products, and doing makeup on other personalities. He also shares useful tips on how to apply makeup with the right techniques and tools. Here is your chance to learn from the pros.

6. Khirkhalid

Instagram followers : 73.3k

photo credit:    khirkhalid Instagram

photo credit: khirkhalid Instagram

From the Instagram feed, maybe you don’t see much for makeup tutorial but you have to see the looks he created on his clients. Probably one of our favorite was the wedding makeup Khir did for Tengku Iman Abdullah. He totally lived up to the hype as the bride look stunning on her big day. Besides wedding, Khir who has plenty years of experience also on advertorial shoots. Considered an OG in the makeup industry KhirKhalid did not shy away from a daring, over the top with haute couture vibe to the look he is creating. There is nothing stopping him.

7. makeupbyumminasir

Instagram followers : 16.3K

Feed full of beautiful faces. That is one thing that comes up to mind when we think of Ummi Nasir’s Instagram. With over 3000 postings she definitely has plenty to offer. You will never get bored scrolling because her feed consists of variations of make up look she has done, advertorial or picture of her attending events. Did we tell you that Ummi also is fluent in speaking Japanese?. Yes, that’s right.

8. tiarzainal

Instagram followers : 107K

photo credit:    tiarzainal Instagram

photo credit: tiarzainal Instagram

Another male make up artist that you should be following is TiarZainal. Malaysian Celebrities such as Scha Alyahya, Sharifah Sakinah and Uqasha Senrose are among his clients. Plus points for TiarZainal is that he has ‘highlight’ section labelled according to the brand that is worth checking. His experience and expertise in makeup is what’s making him a highly sought make up artist in Malaysia.

In short, Instagram is a wonderful place to be whenever you are looking for quick demo on makeup, inspiration, or anything else that you need. Anyone from the list that you have not followed yet?