Most Subscribed Youtubers to Follow for Your Online Entertainment


Is there is a day that you feel so bored because nothing around you can entertain you? Don’t you try to check what is inside Youtube ?  Youtube is a video-sharing website that you can surf for your online entertainment. People who make videos in Youtube are called YouTubers. They tend to make entertaining videos that will attract the viewers attention and as a result of the countless views they got, Youtubers can get a lot of subscribers. Check out this list of the most subscribed Youtubers to follow for online entertainment.

1. Pewdiepie


By using a nickname PewDiePie, this Swedish guy which has 80 Million subscribers makes Youtube become greater as his video content are really interesting and one of it is comedic formatted shows.

2. Dolan Twins


The 19 years old comedy twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan or known as Dolan twins started to become famous when they shared their videos through Vine application on 2013. Later on, they made more videos on Youtube including challenges and pranks. On 2015, they successfully signed with American media and entertainment company as a comedians.

3. The ACE Family


Funny and enjoyable videos of this family plus, some of it is to pull pranks. Basically, the one in their family that loves to pull pranks is Austin. Austin and Catherine’s children cute factor is one of the reason why people subscribes to them.  

4. Bretman Rock


A Phillipines guy who loves to make video with his sister, Mae. Bretman Rock natural expression and effortless confidence makes people want to subscribe to him more. Doing his makeup tutorials with some meaningful jokes caught viewers attention.

5. Jenna Marbles


Her real name is not Jenna Marbles but has been using it since her dog name is Marbles. She loves to post weird videos and one of it is “how to apply makeup while drunk”.  She even said that the amount of people who have found her video entertaining is ridiculous. 

6. Lilly Singh


Been using IISuperwomanII as her name on Youtube and  having over 14 Million Subscribers, Lilly Singh started her channel on 2010 by sharing about her Punjabi culture with some sarcasm and people’s favorite complaints.

7. Niki and Gabi


A totally different pair of twins, Niki and Gabi who now has 7 Million subscribers. They love making videos together and present themselves as opposite in looks, fashion, and personalities.

8. Tanner Fox


In his early days, Fox started doing tricks with his scooter. He began uploading his stunt videos on Youtube on 2011 and from that, people found that it was impressive and attractive to subscribe to him.

9. RiceGum


Bryan Lee or known as RiceGum, is an American born Vietnamese . Video of him named "These Kids Must Be Stopped" gaining millions of views and subscribers.

10.  Emma Chamberlain


She became more famous on 2018 as this 17 years old girl, Chamberlain, is addicted to iced coffee.. Also known for her odd editing style. 

So what do you guys think about these most subscribed Youtubers? Do give your comments.