New Places to Go in 2019


New Year is all about new goals and making resolutions which we strive to achieve by the end of the year. Quitting your smoking habit, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and going to the gym more often are among the usual goals people include in their New Year’s resolutions.

Some might take it to the next level and plan to visit as many interesting countries as they can in a year. For those who have a similar goal, we have a list of countries that are expected to be the go-to place for avid travellers and backpackers alike.

This list includes countries that are on the rise of being the place to be with multiple attractions provided for tourists to check out. So, get your map and jot down these countries for your next big trip.

1.    China


China has a lot to offer this year with Chengdu, Fanjingshan, Shenzhen, and Xiamen being the main attraction this year. Chengdu is home to the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding which has been a tourist attraction since it first opened in 1987. There you can get close with these doe-eyed cuddly animals and even interact with them. Fanjingshan on the other hand is the highest peak of the Wuling Mountains where you can climb through a sea of clouds. If you are more of a city person, Shenzhen is the place to be as it is packed with massive malls that provide booming tech advancements and fashionable items. For couples who are looking for an intimate time together can visit Xiamen for its romantic sights and activities to do.


2.    France


Fresh off the country’s win at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, you know now is the best time to visit France to know the country better. Arles is a good place to start. It is home to famous painter Vincent van Gogh who considered the city as his inspiration for most of his work which can be viewed at the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles. Dordogne is another place to visit that has art flowing in its air. With picturesque castles and cave paintings surrounding the area, you are sure to appreciate its artistry. For you history buffs, Normandy is the place to visit as it celebrates the 75th anniversary of D-Day.


3.    India


Despite its overpopulated nature, India is home to many rich flora and fauna which should be in your list of places to visit. In Kerala, its tropical environment houses sanctuaries that contain elephants, langur monkeys, and the famous Bengal tigers. If you want to learn more of its culture and history, you should visit Madhya Pradesh where you can find various temples with beautiful carvings in it. If you want to be by the sea, Pondicherry has a lot of resorts for you to relax in. Or if none of those elements please you, you can always head to Mumbai.


4.    Italy


Italy is another country you should visit this year. Places like Calabria which is the least visited place in the country is perfect to relax in a peace and quiet environment; and Matera, a prehistoric city which was once evacuated due to poor living conditions is now newly renovated and breathes life to its abandoned places with operating boutique hotels, clubs, and restaurants. Speaking of new, Palermo is also undergoing a reinvention by its mayor which promises new life for the ancient city's food and cultural scene.



Honestly, this year is a good year to go out and visit new places that you’ve never been or seen before. While these four countries we mentioned are our top choices, we’re pretty sure other countries are as exciting as these. So, pack your bags travel bags, book a flight, and explore the world!

Where would you visit this year? Any country you wish to tick off your bucket list? Share with us at the comments section below.