New Year's Resolution Guide to a Healthier 2019


Every start of the year, people tend to make resolutions hoping to stick to it until the end of the year. From all the resolutions we make, staying healthy seems to be the number one and the usual statement for the year. But somehow, we keep failing it after one gym session on the first day of the new year. While going to the gym is the obvious solution, there are a lot of easier ways to keep a healthy lifestyle come new year.

Being healthy does not mean just physically. Your emotional, mental, and spiritual state also count as health statuses that you need to keep in check. Here are some tips to maintain a healthier self this year without worrying about participating in those hardcore workout regimes you admittedly dread.

1.    Quit smoking


For smokers, quitting smoking is the ultimate goal when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions. We know, it is difficult to immediately quit the habit but if you do succeed, wouldn’t it be beneficial for your health? Not only that, think of the money you would save from buying a pack of cigarettes! There are many methods to quit smoking. You just need to find the one that is easiest for you. And with the new regulation of no smoking in open air restaurants, you might actually be able to quit smoking this year.

2.    Get more sleep


Research states that eight hours of sleep is the perfect amount of Zs we need in our daily life. However, we seem to neglect this fact by sleeping in late which could negatively affect our health both mentally and physically. Lack of sleep will lead to some form of mental disorder like anxiety and depression, while physically, it can cause diabetes and obesity. Get used to sleeping early this time by getting in your pyjamas and setting yourself for bed an hour earlier than you normally would. Then slowly shift that hour earlier until you have a complete eight-hour sleep.

3.    Revaluate your diet


A lot of people think working out is the only solution to gain a healthy body. What actually help the most is your diet where you should pay extra attention to the food you consume daily to have a healthier body. Say goodbye to sugar, that’s for sure, since it contains a lot of calories that you are not likely to burn in a day’s activity. Cut down on carbohydrates too while you are at it. So, for the new year, add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and take half a portion of everything you eat. Eat healthy snacks like almonds or dried fruits in between meals so you won’t go hungry every hour.

4.    Frequent on medical check-ups


Be honest, how often do you go on check-ups? We bet you haven’t gone to one since the day you applied for college. This year, go see a doctor once in a while to make sure your body is in check. This is to monitor things like your blood pressure, cholesterol level, weight and many more so that you get a bigger view of your health condition and any potential rooms for improvements. You can also give mini check-ups on yourself if you don’t have the time to visit the doctor.

Being healthy isn’t all about weightlifting and such. It is about keeping a steady mind, body, and soul. So, for 2019, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and witness yourself change into a better person.

How do you plan to keep healthy this year? Any tips that you can share with us? Leave them at the comments section down below! And good luck on achieving your New Year’s resolution this year!