Real Questions to Ask A Person You're Dating


For those who are in search of a life partner, dating can be elating if not daunting because it will then lead to their discovery of whether or not, both of you fit to have a future together. While some couples prefer to take it easy with their relationship, some others favour for serious discussions on where would their direction go.  If you can relate to the latter, then you are on the right page because today we are going to list down the real questions you need to ask the person you are dating.

1. Purpose of life

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This may sound a little too serious but believe it or not, having the same purpose of life would help in sustaining the relationship. Since you’re working on the same principal goal, it details down to the day-to-day activities that you will be committing to for the rest of your lives. If your purpose is to give back to the community in terms of monetary, efforts and time, then your relationship would be crafted in supporting each other towards meeting the same goal. If you are to serve God, then the both of you would be assisting one another in making it happen. Hence, get to the core of your purpose of life and the rest would fall into places with proper planning and commitment.

2. Place to live

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Chances are your future husband might have plans of serving his parents as they approach their senior years. Being the son, he would want to be there for his elderly mom and dad as they are physically incapable of doing things on their own. In order to materialize his noble intention, he might have already bought a house near to his parents’ or simply live with them under the same roof. Here’s the plain truth about paying commitments to your in-laws; it ain’t easy.

You might feel like going with flow and live in wherever life takes you. But honey, you should be discussing about this while dating your boyfriend and let each other know of your preferences. If you don’t see it possible to live with your future parents-in-law due to whatever peculiar reasons, communicate this to him. Ask for a win-win situation that best suits the both of you. Women definitely have our say in this relationship because it takes two to tango the future marriage!

3. Children

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Being Asians, we are brought up thinking that discussions on having children are a huge taboo. Now it’s time to break the culture and be a little more open instead. Asking questions like when should you be having kids, then how many kids do you want, and where to place them while both of you are working portrays your maturity in handling the relationship. Yes things might turn out the other way around but at least you have given these topics a thorough thought. And if you do not want to enter motherhood yet because you’re planning to live with just the two of you for the first two years, do more research on family planning. Do you readings from reliable sources, seek knowledge, insights, two cents, and stories from your friends, colleagues and relatives so you’ll be better prepared before tying the knot.

4. Finance

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Since both of you are working, would you be willing to share your pay together? What will you be taking care of, and what about your partner? Who will pay the mortgage and utilities? Who will handle the groceries and other miscellaneous on the other hand? Will you be creating a Joint Account so the both of you can have better access to your little family’s finances? What about clothing? Will you be spending on it separately? These are the detailed concerns on your financial management. Remember, life is currently just about your own bank account but so many aspects of personal finance will change once you get married.

It might be too early to ask these questions to the one you’re dating. But if you have plans of taking the relationship to the next level, you can’t run away from these aspects of life. So, be the distinctive couple who have detailed plans about their future and not just dwell on how your wedding dress should look like. Well, the dress is still an important part though but there are also other essential matters to talk about.

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