Reasons Why Men Need A Good Suit in His Life


There are a couple of things that a man should own in his lifetime. A toolbox with different types of screwdrivers, a lighter even if you don’t smoke, a couple of thousand bucks stashed in your secret safe, and many others that will come in handy one day. This includes a good tailored suit.

Men usually ignore the importance of a suit and purchase it last in their collection of clothes. This is because it is not often one wears a full suit especially in Malaysia’s hot weather unless it is for a formal event.

We are here to debunk that mentality and explain to you reasons why you need at least one good suit in your life.

1.    It is the sexiest thing on a man


Ask any woman about what they think of a man in a suit and we guarantee you most of them will agree in unison that a man looks his sexiest in a well-tailored one. Need proof? Look us straight in the eye and tell us James Bond doesn’t look good in a suit. A suit instantly elevates your sex appeal making you appear attractive no matter what your style is, especially if you have the correct fit on which is slim; always slim.


2.    Versatile for any occasion


There will be times when you are required to wear a suit like during interviews, weddings, legal proceedings, and many more. However, there are some occasions where you think you wouldn’t need a suit but will help if you wore one at that moment. A fancy dinner date is a good example of this. Also, you don’t need to wear a suit as a whole; wear it as separates. You can use the suit jacket over a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans with no problem. Or wear the dress trousers with a pair of clean white leather shoes and a polo shirt. The possibilities are endless.


3.    It doesn’t go out of style


While trends come and go, there are certainly some fashion items that stay relevant till today and one of them is a suit. Even with the rise of streetwear and athleisure, a suit is still the fashion piece that men fall back to when they want to appear smart and tidy. It has been making men look his absolute best since the 19th century and continues to do so years later. Just makes sure you own a well-tailored suit in normal black, grey, or navy suit with the right fit instead of those crazy suits clowns wear to parties.


4.    You’ll be treated exclusively

Sometimes, you would be lucky enough to be treated specially when wearing a suit. The airport is an obvious place where this happens. Somehow, a suit increases people’s respect towards you as if you are someone important. This often leads to small perks that people don’t normally receive. The same thing usually happens in hotels, designer shops, and expensive restaurants. So, if you want to be treated as a VIP, you have to dress the part with a nice suit.



Do you own a suit yet? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Go get one now and share your thoughts of what you think of your brand new suit.