The Importance of A Little Black Dress


If there is one clothing item a woman needs in her closet, it is a little black dress. A little black dress (also known as LBD) has been the go-to staple for most women as it is the easiest option to put on without worrying about any style faults. It is the single item you will wear over and over again no matter what the current trend is.

There are a lot of reasons why you need an LBD in your life. If you are still too stubborn to own one, let us lecture you about the importance of a nice classy LBD. Trust us, this article will have you rushing to the mall to buy one in no time.

1.    A quick history lesson

While there are many versions of the LBD’s origins – some dating its discovery back to the 1920s – the one that is most associated with is Coco Chanel’s take on it. The famous designer expertly introduced the LBD as an elegant piece that is not only for funerals and mourning but for having some fun with how women normally dress. Decades later, we see it becoming more accepted by society as more A-list celebrities don the classic look. Most notably Audrey Hepburn in that iconic scene in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.


2.    It is versatile

african american.jpg

The main reason why an LBD is a top choice among women is because it is the most versatile piece of clothing you can ever own. You can literally wear it in any combination you want and it will probably look great on you. Want to look appear sporty? Wear a pair of beat-up Vans sneakers. Want to look edgy? Throw a leather jacket over your shoulders. Want to look classy? Accessorize yourself with jewelleries. Or if you want to keep things minimal, you can wear it as it is. There are hundreds of ways you can style it up and look great.


3.    Perfect for any occasion


Another reason why an LBD is so popular is because it fits for any occasion you are going to. It is probably the easiest option too as you can wear it to any event and people will still think you are dressed perfectly for it. Be it a dinner date, an award show, or a casual outing with friends, an LBD will be your trusty clothing item that will never fail you.


4.    Timeless since day 1


It has been decades since the LBD has made a significant impact in fashion, and it still does now. We see a lot of trends come and go but the LBD remains to be the dress that every woman falls back to. This is because a proper LBD is comfortable, safe and accessible enough to wear without worrying about the trendiness of it. It’s as if an LBD is a fail-safe in fashion if everything else does not work with your style.


5.    It is figure-flattering


Everybody knows that black clothes are an illusion to make you seem slimmer. And that is exactly what an LBD does. If you are on the bigger side of the scale, you will look extra slimmer in an LBD. If you are already a fit woman, an LBD will give your body a little shape that will allure everybody in the room.


Women of the world; make sure you have an LBD stashed in your wardrobe. Although you are not a dress kind of person, trust us, that LBD will be useful one day.

So, how many LBDs do you have? Which is your favourite? Share with us at the comments section below!