What Colour to Wear Based on Your Feelings


There a lot of beautiful and resplendent colour out there that has its own fans. Did you know that colours can also represent our feelings? Colours have deep subliminal meanings that touch our the way we think and portray to others. Each colour has a representative meaning that changes amongst different cultures and countries. This article helps to tell you what to wear based on what you feel.

1.      Red


If you are always tired or feel drained, you should wear something in red. Red is a very bold and bright color which will make you feel more awake and energetic.

2.  Orange


If it is rainy outside everyday and you often feel cold, you should wear orange. Orange is a very warm and sunny color which helps bring comfort and a summery felling. Furthermore, orange is a very hot color, so it gives the sensation of heat. However, orange is not as aggressive as red

3. Yellow


Whenever you feel sad, it is recommended to wear yellow. Known for its bright and happy color, tellow will make you feel more cheerful. This is why many people love to wear yellow because of the positive vibes it exudes.

4. Green

If you feel hot, green is the best colour to pull off. Green represents nature and freshness, which can help cool you down. Green also has great healing power. It is the most peaceful colour for the human eye; it can improve vision.

5. Blue

Have you ever feel anxious? So what do you need to do? For your information, Blue is a very formal colour, but it can also help you to feel calm.

6. Purple


If you feel weak, wear purple. Purple is a regal and empowering color, which can make you feel stronger mentally and physically.

7.   Pink

If you feel fun, wear pink. Pink can be a very gentle and romantic but it can also help channel your excitement. It also represents feminine qualities and passiveness.

8. White

Whenever you feel chaotic, white is a recommended colour to wear. White is a neutral and serene color which can help you calm down and clear your mind.  

Which colours are your favorite? Share in the comments section below.