What to Wear on a First Date


First dates can be a stressful occasion for some people especially ones who have not been in the dating game for so long. It feels like you are on a minefield where you have to be extra careful if you do not want to blow your chance on giving the correct first impression.

While your use of words is as important on a first date, what you wear is the real key to landing a positive physical attraction. Your outfit should vary depending on the what kind of date you are taking your lucky lady to.

However, we have generalised the clothes that you should wear on a first date that are sure to have your date go “daaaamn!”.

1.    Shirt


When dressing up for a first date, you need to keep in mind that simplicity is always the look you are going for. Forget about wearing your statement tee or your Hawaiian shirt, and instead, go for a clean crisp plain shirt no matter if it is short or long sleeved. White is always a safe bet but if you want some colours on you, navy would be nice.

2.    Jacket


Here is a first date hack, always wear a jacket. It not only adds style points to your outfit but is also practical as you could make a subtle gentleman move by lending it if she gets a little bit chilly. However, you need a jacket that properly says relaxed without being too wacky, or professional without being too nine to five about it. A bomber jacket is a sure lock, a sport coat keeps things classy, and a denim jacket shows a little bit of rebel.

3.    Slim jeans


If, for some reason, you mess up your top by wearing something absurd, a nice pair of slim cut jeans will be the saviour of your outfit. Slim jeans are able to normalise your outfit no matter how quirky you get. Just make sure it is a proper dark navy one with little to no fray at the end of the jeans, not as washed, and definitely not those trendy distressed jeans.

4.    Leather sneakers


Although sneakers are hitting big today with designer collaborations, limited futuristic looking ones, and sports shoes being accepted as casualwear, you should put all that aside and opt for a pair of clean white leather sneakers instead. A nice leather sneaker will dress down the formalities while lifting the leisurely nature of your overall look.

5.    Minimal accessories


When we say “minimal”, we really mean it. Do not under any circumstances go overboard with your accessories. The only acceptable item that will not jeopardise your look, in fact elevates it, is a grown man’s wristwatch. If you have a Rolex, by all means, put it on. If you do not have that kind of money to afford a Rolex, just wear the most expensive one you own, and you are all set!

See, you do not have to dress all out to impress your date the first time. Just keep things simple and minimal and you are all good. What do you wear to a first date? Is there any special clothing item that you consider good luck? Share with us at the comments section below.