Which Jeans are the Best Fit For You


If there is one clothing item that has been worn countlessly by every single human being on this planet, it is a sturdy pair of jeans. Jeans are super dependable for any type of occasion unless it requires you to dress formally. Celebrating at a birthday party? Put on a pair. Going on a blind date? A pair of jeans would do. Catching your favourite band on tour? Just get your jeans! There is just no situation other than a formal event that you can’t wear jeans to.

However, if jeans are so reliable and can be worn by literally anyone, why do some people look bad when wearing them? This is because they wear the wrong fit.

Fit is everything when it comes to jeans. And we are here to lecture you about which fit best suits your body type. There is a total of five types of jeans for five body types.

1.    Skinny jeans

skin tight.jpg

Skinnies are probably the latest fit in the jeans family. It is the tightest of them all as the leg tapers from its opening all through the waist. Sometimes when getting yourself a pair of skinny jeans, you have to opt for a bigger size than you usually buy since it is very tight. So, if you are a size 30, get a skinny in 32 so you will not feel suffocated by it. Men with a thin and tall figure are the only people who can pull the skinny jeans off. If you do not fall in those categories, the skinny jeans will only make you look like a carrot which is not good.


2.    Slim jeans

slim shady.jpg

If the skinnies are too tight for your preference, go for a slim jeans instead. This cut is not too tight neither it is too loose. It is just the right fit and can be worn by anybody with a leaner and smaller body frame. The cut is straight through the hip, slim through the thigh with a narrower leg opening. It isn’t as tight as a pair of skinny jeans so you do not have to worry about choosing a size up than you normally do.


3.    Regular/Straight jeans

straight no homo.jpg

A pair of regular or straight jeans on the other hand, has a slightly looser fitting from its waist all the way to the leg opening which is wider than the previous two fits. The reason why this pair are called as it is because the hip and thigh part are straight leaving some room around that part. Regular jeans are universal because it can be worn by everybody no matter their size. If you are more on the larger scale of things, a regular jeans will look slimming on you; if you are skinnier, it will give you extra room without making your legs feel restricted.


4.    Relaxed jeans

rilek ah.jpg

Let’s say your body shape is a bit on the larger side of the spectrum. The first thing you should do is to avoid jeans that say “skinny” and “slim” because it won’t be doing you any favours. Secondly, go for a jeans that is looser on the thighs for you to move comfortably without feeling restricted. If a straight cut jeans still feels a little tight for you, then opt for a relaxed fit instead.


5.    Loose jeans

loose pussy.jpg

Although loose fit jeans are making a comeback since last year, it still depends on how you style the look. If you are into the trend, then by all means, go for it. But if you are wearing this type of jeans just because it is the only pair you got, we sincerely hope you are not some scrawny dude who wears a size XS most of the time, because these jeans look the worst for people like that. Loose fit jeans are more for athletic and built men who has muscles in their whole leg. Bigger guys also look their best in a loose jeans as it does not cramp you up.


No matter what your body type is, there is always a pair of good jeans that will look good on you. You just need to get the right fit, and everything will look good on you.

So, are you wearing the correct fit for your body type? Or have you been doing it all wrong? We hope this article could shed light to the confusion of your jeans game. As always, comment on what you think down at the comments section below!