Women Can Rock the Buzz Cut Too!


Nothing makes a loud statement like a proper buzz cut for women. It screams out “HELLO EVERYONE LOOK AT MY SCALP” with just a simple number two to three shave. For women, a buzz cut immediately attracts attention as it is not quite the norm when it comes to women’s hairstyle.

Women are so synonymous to long hair that if they have a shorter-than-shoulder length hairstyle, other people would freak out. But why wouldn’t you get a buzz cut? Women can rock it too! Just look at Kristen Stewart at the “Personal Shopper” movie premiere in 2017 where she debuted her shaved head which instantly made her the poster girl when it comes to the buzz style.

If you are not confident about having a buzz cut yet, we are here to hold your hand through the process and what to expect when going for a badass buzz.

1.    Make sure you are committed

It is extremely important that you are 100% committed to having a buzz cut and have considered everything that comes with it. Make sure you are ready for this life-changing look and not just do it because you thought it looks cool on Kristen Stewart. Let’s face it, she is a Hollywood celebrity who receives extra care at all times from every beauty department there is, and you’re just… you. Also, since a buzz cut is a statement hairstyle, get ready to be the center of attention with questions which you must be prepared to face. “Can I rub it?”, is a common one.


2.    Change your overall style


With such a masculine haircut, it helps if you wear a more feminine outfit to balance out your style. You do not want to be full on bro mode or be mistaken as one by wearing a plain t-shirt with ripped jeans and some sneakers. Instead, give your wardrobe a feminine touch by stocking up some black dresses, short shorts, or a party blouse. Makeup helps with your style change too, so put aside your black all-gothic/emo mascara and put on some flirty shades on your face.


3.    Take care of it


Contrary to popular belief, you still need to take care of your minimal hair. Going slightly bald is not an excuse to stop shampooing or applying products on it. You still need to take care of your short hair the same way how you take care of it when you had hair, just at a reduced amount. It also helps if you regularly massage your head using a brush or your fingers. This will improve the circulation of your head thus hastening your hair growth.


4.    You will have an awkward stage


Yes, you will have an awkward stage in the middle of growing out your buzz cut. The feeling of wanting it to grow immediately is inevitable when you realized how short your hair is. However, you need to be patient when growing it out. Stop stressing about it and find a way to have fun instead. A suggestion would be to colour your hair. Blonde is the obvious choice (see Amber Rose, Cara Delevingne, and of course, Kristen Stewart) or go for a vibrant colour to make more of a statement like purple like Halsey.


5.    Options if you’re not ready


If a buzz cut seems like too much of a drastic change for you, ease your way through it by getting a shorter than usual haircut. A pixie cut is the best option as it basically is an automatic hairstyle after you get your hair buzzed off. Emma Watson circa 2010 is a good example of the perfect pixie cut you can get. A faux hawk as made famous by P!nk is another hairstyle to start off if you are not yet sure about buzzing your head off. Or try shaving your head on one side first to get a feel of having a shaved head ala Demi Lovato.


Women should not be afraid to rock the buzz cut. It shows you have self-confidence and are brave to take on anything style there is. We understand if you will not have a cut so daring as a buzz cut anytime soon, but never say never. In Malaysia’s heat, you might want to consider it to keep yourself cool.

What do you think about women with buzz cuts? Will you ever get one? Share your thoughts at the comments section down below!