4 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Love Handles


Some of us use the term love handles. Others might refer to it as side fat. Whatever names you address it, it is actually the stubborn excess fat that accumulates at your sides, around the hips and abdominal area. Love handles can become more visible especially when you are wearing tight clothing. It has become a huge problem for many people. Want to get rid of those protruding pronounced handles? Put on your sportswear and start with these four simple moves that help targets those areas. There are pretty easy and can be done anywhere especially in the comfort of own home.

1. Side bend


Stand straight and put your legs apart. Your legs should be in shoulder-width or a little wider. Start with reaching overhead with a nice side bend and stretch your body to one side. Reach up so that you can elongate your muscles. Then, do the same for the other side. Every two sides is considered as one repetition. Try to perform a perfect side bend for thirty times.

By doing this move, you are squeezing both sides of your body, engaging your obliques and at the same time tightening your abs.

2. High Knee with Twist


Still in standing straight position, place both of your hands behind your head with your elbows open wide. Pick a knee up and twist your body towards the knee. For example, if you are lifting your left knee, rotate your body from right to left, moving towards the lifted knee and vice versa. Make sure you rotate your body properly as you bring the knee across. Try not to crunch down. Keep your head and elbows high. With your abs pulled in tight, you should feel the rotation through the torso. Keep repeating this move for thirty seconds before you switch side.

3. Kneeling Vacuum


This is a very simple move. Kneel on the floor with your buttocks rested on your feet. Put both your hands to the side of your legs. Pull your shoulders back. Maintain a straight posture.

Inhale and suck your stomach in as far as possible. For a start, hold in this position for 5-10 seconds. Once you manage to get the hang of it, you can hold your stomach for a longer period of time like for 15 - 20 seconds. You can choose either to hold your breath or continue with your normal breathing while doing this (which one is more comfortable to you) but most importantly, do not relax your stomach muscle. Repeat this for five to seven times. This particular exercise will help to shrink your waistline and at the same time reduce your midsection.

4. Bicycle crunches


Let’s add on some crunches. Lie down your back. Pull up both legs and keep them straight. Keep your hands behind your head with your elbows out. Raise your chest, lift your shoulders to perform a normal abs crunch. While doing that, fold one leg towards your chest, straightened the other leg and simultaneously turn your upper body towards the lifted knee. Alternate sides. You will feel some strain on your stomach.

For a better result do three sets with ten to twenty repetitions each.


These bicycle crunches will work on the sides of your stomach and hips, not to forget to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles.

Try these simple moves now! Incorporate the steps with other physical activities in your daily fitness routine. You can ask your gym buddy to join you for a more fun session. Be consistent. It shouldn’t be very long before you start noticing the change in the size of your love handles. Don’t forget to watch your diet and food intake too. Would you like to share how you tackle your love handles problem? Kindly drop a line or two in the comment box below.