[Beauty 101] Hair Care Tips for Men With Long Hair


There is something sexy about a man with long hair. The way it flows down their handsome faces never fails to get us feeling a certain way. Don’t believe us? Tell us how you feel when you look at Jason Momoa, truthfully. Or Keanu Reeves, or Jared Leto? Honestly, men with long hair are sexy and we think deep down, all men want to grow their hair. Only thing is (according to them at least), is taking care of it is quite troublesome.

Contrary to popular belief though, long hair does not require too much maintenance. It is quite easy to do without using any heavy products for it. If you ask a man with long hair on the products they use, nine times out of ten, they would say “not much”.

So, what are the hair care tips for men with long hair? Below we list down some of the things you can do to maintain a healthy set of long locks and even help it grow faster and stronger.

1.    Wash regularly


After a day of being outside with all the dirt and dust that lands on your hair, it is a good idea to wash it every day to rinse out all the unwanted particles that could damage your long hair. Washing does not mean do it with shampoo though, as frequent shampooing would just dry out your scalp and lead to dandruff. So, apply shampoo once in a while but wash it with clean cold water every day.


2.    Conditioner is your bestfriend


Since it is inadvisable to shampoo your long hair regularly, you still need to condition it every day to keep it silky smooth and clean. If you ignore this in your hair care routine, your hair would become brittle and dry which makes brushing or combing difficult leading to damaged hair.


3.    Avoid heavy products


Products are the last thing you want to include to your long mane. It does not help with your hair so why bother? The only product you should have on rotation is the aforementioned conditioner but keep away from anything else. This is because the chemicals that are in it might be too strong and could cause more harm towards long hair than benefitting it.


4.    Trim it


To maintain long hair, you want to get rid of damaged hair especially ones with split ends. The only way to do it is to trim it out. We know it seems counter-intuitive to your goal in keeping long hair but just like trimming the bushes at your garden, you need to get rid of the dying ones in order for it to grow healthily.



How do you take care of your long hair? Do you have a specific haircare routine to keep it long? Share with us in the comments section below.