Best Times to Post On Instagram


Ever wonder why sometimes you have a nice picture posted up on Instagram, you edited it well with cute filters, your smile is big, and your outfit is on point, but somehow you did not get enough likes as you thought a fantastic picture like yours would? This is because sometimes, it is not about how good your picture is. It is you posted it at the wrong time because timing is everything.

Time, as we all know, is gold. And this also includes when posting your favorite pictures up on Instagram. There are certain hours and days which are considered perfect for Instagram posts because those are the times when you probably will receive more likes than usual. So, channel the Instagram influencer in you and read on through.

1.    Not on weekends


A lot of people assume that weekends are the best days to post on Instagram, but truthfully, it is not. This is because people are usually busy with their own weekend activities that they seldom check their phones for any notifications, let alone Instagram posts. Weekdays, however, are the best times because people seem to always try to find an excuse to slack off work, and Instagram is usually the first app they go to.

2.    Food pictures at 12 pm


If you are the type of person who takes pictures of their food before eating, you might want to post your result as soon as you take it too because food pictures are best during lunchtime. Foodies want to know what you had for lunch and posting it later in the evening only defeats its purpose. So, as soon as you have your food on the table, snap it, edit it, and post it out, preferably between 12 pm – 2 pm.

3.    Any day at 10 pm


Truth be told, all of us including you (do not lie!) have a habit of being on our phones before going to sleep. While this is not exactly healthy to your sleeping pattern, this is a chance for you to get more likes on Instagram. Feed their insomnia by posting anytime after 10 pm, right at the time when most people go to bed. They are eventually going to see it when they scroll down to the end of their feed anyway.

4.    Early mornings


What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Check your phone, right? You are not the only person who does that every morning. Everyone else does too. So, take advantage of that and post Instagram pictures early in the morning so that it will be the first thing they see when they check their phones



Do you have a personal preference as to when you post your pictures on Instagram? Share with us at the comments section below.