“Let it be, just grow beautifully”. This line of sentence came straight from the heart of Malaysian singer-songwriter, Daiyan Trisha, which inspired a whole collection of jewelleries. Wanderlust + Co quickly took this and her many other personal poetries as inspirations and made it into an idea; an idea where women can express their self-love through beautiful jewelleries. And voila, the WANDERLUST + CO x DAIYAN TRISHA FOR ZALORA Bloom Within collection is born!

Wanderlust + Co and Daiyan Trisha offer six elegant pieces of jewellery which will remind you of the 90’s era when freedom was a character trait to identify how confident and strong you are within yourself. This resonates very well with the daisy motif that is the centerpiece of the whole collection. “Flower power”, as the dynamic team up calls it, is a representation of people’s growth towards courage and maturity to pursue their everyday passion. It is to remind us that we should first seek and discover the potential we carry within ourselves before blooming into who we are today.

The collection consists of six different pieces for you to choose from ranging from anklets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. Each of these are wearable everyday pieces with 14K gold plating, perfect to add a little flair to your already stylish look. Daiyan Trisha’s personal favorite? That dainty A Little Sparkle ring which goes well when you layer it with other accessories you own. The gold will even elevate your outfit which will instantly add elegance, grace, and luxury; all the criteria needed for a strong woman.

Show the world that you are confident and optimistic about yourself with the Bloom Within collection. Any of the pieces would do as the daisies show positivity, a mood that you would want every day for the rest of your life. WANDERLUST + CO x DAIYAN TRISHA FOR ZALORA is available exclusively at ZALORA now.