How to Impress Your Boss without Even Trying


Having a job is a blessing for the employees and keeping the loyalty to the same company is a gift for the employers.

Living in the era of the scarcity of work offers is such a nightmare. The fear of not having a job for unemployed candidates and for those who already have a secure job struggle to keep it or worst, feel like they might get fired any day. If you want to excel in your career and impress your boss on your potential without even trying, here are a few tips that might help.

1. Appearance

Take care of your appearance because it plays a role to attract people to be around you. It’s like the window into knowing a person. You don’t have to wear an expensive suit or dress to impress the boss. Appearance can be a simple thing by having on neat clothes and a dashing scent. The most expensive things that you can wear to impress not only the boss but also the people around you is your smile. Wearing a smile is an expensive appearance that anyone will appreciate.

2. Working style


Do what you have to do and complete all the tasks within the time range. Avoid giving so many excuses and procrastination whenever your boss asks. Even though your boss did not urge you to finish the job on time, but it is your responsibility to complete the task.   You also have to make a habit of tidying up the workspace. Workspace is the presentment of our personality. Therefore, always clean up the space whenever you finish the job.

3. Attitude

A wise man once said, “having great intelligence might get you to the place, but having an attitude is keeping you in that place.”

Aside from intelligence, you have to respect the colleague not only in front of the boss but also behind them. Keep your attitude balanced well and never get involved in office politics. Other than that, you have to be self-motivated, have integrity and not mix personal issues with work.

4. Be sensitive with the time


Time should be respected not because you want to be number one and gain employee of the year, but it is a priority to appreciate it. Coming to the work on time is good, but coming earlier than the time you are supposed to be is way better because you have time to prepare yourself before starting the job. Therefore, it necessary to wear a watch all the time so you do not have trouble being on time.

5. Have a sense of humor


Humor is a cure for a dull environment. Having a great sense of humor can be extra charming for the person. They know when to use it and what joke to pull out. People easily adapt to individuals who have a sense of humor because they freshen up the atmosphere. You might be the one who’s cheering up the team when they lose their motivation. But bear in mind, it must be balanced otherwise you may fall into the trap of being a sarcastic person.

6. Be proactive and willing to volunteer


Always be proactive and willing to offer yourself when anyone is in need. Being a volunteer will make you widely known by colleagues, even you are in a different department. Volunteering also can give you some extra credit not because you become famous among the staffs and the bosses but also for yourself because you have gained so much experience to be remembered.

6. Be loyal to the boss

Last but not least, always be loyal to your boss. Never ever expose the privacy and confidentiality of the company even you are no longer working at that place. Always seek advice from the boss whenever you have the chance because they are who they are because of their experience. You can learn so much from them.

No matter how small or big the company you are working with, always remember that all the bosses are still human. You take care of them and definitely they also will take care of you.