Men Crush October Issue - Up Close & Personal With Adam Nizam


Rainy season might be drowning us with gloomy weather and wet days but hey, at least we got our new Men Crush to look forward to this month! Say hello to Adam Nizam, a student in his last semester who spends his nights running around town with his buddies from Brand New Waves, a society of runners doing kilometers like it is nothing. What is special about Adam Nizam though is that his team is collaborating with ZALORA in their first-ever charity run for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Want to know more about it and, of course, this young runner? Read our exclusive interview below!

1. Give us a little insight into what you do for a living.


I am actually a student, still in my last semester for my degree. Currently interning with Creative Match.


2. You are pretty active in sports especially running. How did your love of running come about?

Coming into three years now, running was my calling. It came to me. I fell in love with it, and I never stopped.


3. Any other sports you do besides running?


I also play football. That’s like forever a passion. I’ve been playing all my life.


4. What other things do you do that is not sports-related when you have some time off?

Recently, I started to get into designing. So, it’s either that or writing. Two of my favorite non-sports related things to do.


5. What was your best experience since you first started running?

Every run was the best, even when it’s tough. So, I couldn’t really pinpoint which one.


6. What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?


I hate running.


7. Do you incorporate fashion into your running outfit? If so, how?

100%! I play around with colors, sizes, and accessories to give it a little twist. When you're not flexing, you’re not running, right?


8.     How would you describe your style?


Consistent. I have the same style for every season. I’d wear something so often, so it becomes like my style. But every now and then, I switch it up.


9. Have you gotten any serious injuries when running?

Nothing serious just yet. All good so far. Touchwood.


10. How do you get people who have never ran or too lazy to change their mentality and #justshowup?

I don’t. These people, they show up by themselves. But what we do is we tell those stories so other people can get inspired. Some people need a little push. That’s all.


11. Who is your celebrity crush?


Gwyneth Paltrow.


12. In your opinion, what is the one thing people should pay more attention to?

Themselves. Everyone should listen to themselves a little bit more. Go the extra mile. Because if it’s not you, who will?


13. What is your go-to run song?


Currently, “Highest In The Room” by Travis Scott.


14. If you could have a friendly chat with anybody in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

My top 5: Kendrick Lamar, Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Odell Beckham Jr., and Jay-Z.


15. What is your most prized fashion item that you currently own in your wardrobe?


All of my running shoes. Big ups #TEAMNIKE.


16. You are collaborating with ZALORA on the WMNS DVSN Shake Out, a run for breast cancer awareness. Tell us more about that.

Our first ever running event with ZALORA in the aids of Breast Cancer Foundation MY upon launching our WMNS DVSN running team, an all-girls running division. Happening on Sunday (13th October). All vibes and nothing less. Check out Brand New Waves on Instagram for more info.


17.  What can participants expect during the event?

VIBES VIBES and more VIBES! We’re really big on that.


18.  Any future events that you have planned for this year or the next?


The biggest one so far is Urbanscapes which is happening in November. Watch out for that!


19. What is a running fashion essential?

When you put on the right gear, you are fashion. Right clothes, right shoes, etc. There isn’t anything specific, really.


20. Every man in Malaysia should know how to….





If you ever feel like running with the gang, check out his Instagram @thatfaketony to find out where are they running next. Or maybe just be in his company, why not?

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