The Difference Between Your Morning and Night Beauty Routine


Who here questions why certain products should only be applied in the morning and others at night? Why can’t we just settle with a product that does it all in the morning and night? Is this just another fad by the beauty industry to get you buying lots more products? In a way, yes, but with your best interest at heart. In this article, you will figure out what to use for your morning and night routine.
It all depends on the function of the skincare and the condition of your skin. Sounds pretty simple right? Did you know that our skin is super responsive to its surroundings? Factors such as weather, climate, and humidity can affect the behavior of our skin. For that reason, it is best to give your facial skin - which is the body part that is most likely to be directly exposed to all kinds of variables - the right care it needs.

Morning routine


If the nature of your work during the day requires you to be outdoor and physically active, then your skin by default needs to have more protection and care to keep it at its best look. When it’s very sunny, humid, and you’re sweating, even normal skin would end up being slightly oily more than usual. So anything that comes with a broad spectrum SPF such as a good sunblock and BB cream to prevent premature aging or an oil control serum that helps in curbing excessive sebum are considered as your day products. It’s also best to find products light in texture and water-based for easy absorption and not leaving your skin feeling more oily. 

If you’re working in an office landscape that requires you to be under low temperature, then you need to pump up some moisture as the cool breeze can dehydrate your skin. Ultra dry skin requires extra maintenance to avoid further loss of natural oils. To encourage moist retention, wear a heavy-duty moisturizing cream or oil-based moisturizer that is jam-packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E which is rich with antioxidants that helps protect the integrity of your skin barriers. These moisture-binding humectants which usually come in heavier textures will keep your skin feeling supple for a few good hours and also in the long run if applied consistently. Just a disclaimer though, oily skin users might need to be on the lookout for moisturizers with lower concentration of these good stuff to not further stimulate those restless pores.
The very basic of your morning routine should include the items below:

a) Cleanser
b) Toner
c) Moisturiser
d) Sunscreen

Night routine


Now that we have covered the morning one, let’s find out what is needed in the night beauty routine. With the drop in temperature, absence of sun rays and other pollutions that you might find in the day become subdued at night, this is the time when you need not to worry much about how to shield your skin but focus on what to feed your skin.

No, the skin doesn’t go to sleep when you do nor is it doing less work than in the morning. It’s actually getting busy actively regenerating and repairing the skin cells at night time. To complement your skin with rejuvenating skin care treatments that will bring it to life such as brightening night cream, anti-aging serum, hydrating moisturizer and eye gel with collagen. As the absorption rate is faster at night, normally these products’ texture is lighter on the skin for the sake of letting your skin breathe and make it comfortable to be worn during sleep.
The typical night routine should include these products:
a) Cleanser
b) Toner
c) Moisturiser
d) Treatments
such as night moisturiser, skin repair cream, night serum (usually night products will be labeled for night use)

Some people have more steps to their skincare regime compared to others. Some products are more flexible. For example, facial scrub should only be applied once a week where you can add on to your morning or night routine. If you find it all troublesome and time-consuming, stick to these basics! They wouldn’t take more than five minutes to put on. So there you have it! Some tips and fundamental rules on how to know your morning and night routine products that you can put into practice right away. The key is patience and persistence. Love your skin!