What is Romantic Fashion Style & How to Flaunt It


Whenever we hear the word “romantic”, we usually associate that to love and spending a wonderful time with the person you care most. But did you know, “romantic” is also a term in the world of fashion?

Romantic style is a specific look which can be worn by every woman. This is because it already represents femininity in a way that we are pretty sure you have been donning this style without even realizing it. So, what are the items that help create a romantic style? Well, let’s take a look at our complete list.

1.    Florals, florals, florals


Floral prints are almost synonym to womenswear as they have been wearing it since they were a child. Remember those flowery dresses your parents used to buy you when you were little? Take those designs as inspirations but make it more mature than you have been back in the days and more you. You can never go wrong with florals anyway.

2.    Shades of white

white power.jpg

A white wedding dress is probably the most romantic thing you can wear and if we could wear it daily, best believe we are going to do it! But unfortunately, society deems it irrational to be wearing a wedding dress everyday everywhere. However, we can still get on the all-white vibe of it by wearing different shades of white from top to bottom. That is as romantic as it gets.

3.    Vintage accessories


Everybody knows that accessories can help elevate your look. And a way to make it a romantic look is to add on vintage accessories instead of your modern jewels. Lockets are a good option as well as antique charm bracelets and anklets. Whichever you go for, ditch the shiny bling and think old vintage.

4.    Crochet, lace, and tulle


These three fabrics are your best friend when you want to don the romantic style. From dresses to tops, bags to lingerie; anything that is crochet, lace, and tulle should be the forefront of your outfit.

5.    Chloé the brand

Chloé Grace Moretz.jpg

If there is one brand that totally nails this specific style, it is Chloé. This French label was established in 1952 and continues on to bring a chic romantic style to this day. Everything they have hits the mark in this style so searching for romantic clothes in its stores would not be a problem.



Have you been unknowingly donning romantic style? Share with us in the comments section below.