4 Romantic Beauty Looks to Try This Valentine's Day

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If you clicked on this topic is whether a) you have a date with your significant other or b) you have plans with your friends for example a dinner reservation. It does not matter which one of your plans is, what matters is that we got you covered on your perfect hair and makeup combo for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration. Read down below for the four romantic beauty looks that you can pull off based on your mood or even outfits.

1.     The Bold Red

This red lip look is a classic and perfect if worn with a red, black or white outfit. The red lip look will always make you appear sexy, sophisticated and alluring. For those looking to capture your date’s attention on this special day, the red lipstick look with a wavy hairstyle will do the trick.


2.     The Rosy Glow

This makeup look is great for the ladies who wants to enhance your natural beauty and not over do it during V Day. The shiny rosy glow on the cheeks gives you that flush blushing look which exudes your femininity and innocence.


3.       The Smoky

Smoky eye makeup look is suitable to be pulled off for a night celebration. So whether it is for a special evening with your significant other or a night out with your friends, the smoky makeup will bring out your elegant sophisticated side with ease. A nude lipstick will do the trick to balance out the smoky eye touch.


4.       Burgundy

 For the ladies who want to be more daring on Valentine’s Day, the burgundy lipstick will transform your entire look. If you opt for a mysterious and empowered aura, rock the burgundy lip and bronzy makeup look with a ponytail for the complete touch. It will make you appear more alluring and wanted by the single men especially if you are out with your friends that day.



So which one is your favourite look to pull for this coming Valentine’s Day? Share your pick down below.