5 Fashion Tips to Transform from a Plain Jane to a Movie Star

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Have you ever heard ‘Don’t be a Plain Jane’ when you want to attend an event? Every woman dreams to look like a Movie Star rather than a Plain Jane. Money and a good sense of fashion is all you need but actually it is not as complicated as it look. Here are five fashion tips that can help you to transform from a Plain Jane to a Movie Star look.

1.    Have your clothes tailored fit


The first trick to transform yourself is to go to a fashion designer and have your clothes tailored fit rather than buying clothes that suits your size. Enhance your silhouette with the right fitted clothes.

Tips: make sure you know your body shape whether apple, pear, hourglass or rectangle to make the clothes look good on your body.

2.    Always be perfectly groomed

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Pay attention to every part of your outfit because it is an easy way to look effortlessly chic and stylish. From your hair, eyebrow, nails down to your leg must be kept neat and well groomed.

3.    Pick the right accessories

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Something as simple as just picking the right accessories can do the trick. For those who want a minimalist look, silver bangles or a cocktail ring can transform yourself from a plain Jane look to a glamorous movie star. If you prefer an elegant yet sophisticated hint of style, wear a pair of chandelier earrings or a string of pearl necklace.

4.    Style your hair and makeup

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Make sure you choose your hair and makeup that is suitable with the event. Your make up must be flawlessly put together and on point. Your hairstyle should reflect your aura.

5.    Walk in high heels

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Say goodbye to sneakers and sandals as high heels are your go-to movie star appeal. If you want to look amazing from head-to-toe, walk in high heels and keep your head up. Confident is always a key to look good in whatever you wear and high heels definitely does the trick..

Share with us what are your tips to transform from a that simple Plain Jane look to a stylish Movie Star.