Discover the Youthful Colours of LÚBNA 2019 Raya Collection

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Hari Raya is less than 3 months away and if you are anything like us, you want to prepare your Raya clothes early before you lose out on the race for new outfits and are stuck with the same one you wore last year. Because yes, everybody remembers what you wore last Raya. Do not panic just yet though, LÚBNA has got you covered.

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LÚBNA is contributing to Raya-wear this year with its own exclusive Raya collection with LÚBNA Curve and LÚBNA Men which radiates youthfulness in the form of traditional silhouettes. It injects the joy of being a high-spirited youth to a commonly known traditionally designed outfit that embraces what it is like to be young again.

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Call it a modern twist to a classic motif; it has waffle laces on a modern kebaya, ruffles detailing on a modern kurung, translucent Payette tops and bottoms, and many others which could make you the talk of the whichever open house you visit.

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Colours play a huge role when it comes to Raya outfits. Following LÚBNA’s lively theme, pastel tints and earthy shades are the main focus in its collection along with LÚBNA’s dab into Pantone’s Colour of the Year, coral.

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These colours also apply to LÚBNA Men which will enable you to match with your significant other on Raya. Choose from a variety of traditional menswear by LÚBNA Men from the usual Baju Melayu Cekak Musang to the Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga, kurtas, and jubahs, all of which has been infused with a youthful feel.

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What is interesting this year is that LÚBNA has finally included plus-sized clothes to its Raya collection with LÚBNA Curve. So, no woman is left behind from this beautiful Raya collection by LÚBNA.

Be the centre of attention at any open house events you go with LÚBNA. With its vibrant colours and modern design, you are sure to become the talk of the day knowing that you are in LÚBNA’s brand new Raya collection.