Hair Colour Ideas for 2019


So, the first month trial of 2019 is officially over, and we are almost halfway through to February. We have already listed down some of the cool new fashion trends that you should get on this year but now, we are going to get extra with our “new year new me” look. We are talking about the colour of your hair.

Choosing a suitable colour for your hair is a serious matter. One wrong move, and you are forced to stick with that until it grows out. Or shave it bald if you are willing to. However, do not worry about these life decisions. We have gathered some options that are in trend this year which you can follow.

1.    Baby blonde


Platinum blonde hair was pretty big in previous years seeing the likes of Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence donning the look. But this time, dial down the platinum part and put more blonde to it. It is not too warm or too ashy, it is just the right amount of white blonde that is not as much of a statement look. It blends well with your darker clothes or if you have naturally pale skin.


2.    Copper highlights


If you are a natural brunette, having copper highlights will elevate your style in many ways. It is not too attracting as having an unnatural brown colour all over your hair. It is just a small way to add flair to your new hairdo. As they say, less is more. Don’t believe us? Just look at how good Sandra Bullock is in “Bird Box”.


3.    Strawberry honey


Regardless of what you think, redheads are hot! But dyeing your hair red is a commitment that you need to think thoroughly. Why don’t you start slow first and dye it strawberry honey? It still counts as blonde only with a shade of red slowly creeping to your hair. This colour is a good choice to tiptoe your way into becoming a full Merida.


4.    Inky black


If the above choices seem a little scary for you, embrace your natural black hair in all its beauty. The only catch is that you have to make sure it is jet black ala Joan Jett. Also, it is all about shine meaning, the glossier it is, the better. Think of your early goth emo phase when you have all black of everything and apply that look to your hair. Black hair may be easy, but if given the right treatment, you will standout from the crowd for sure!



Thinking of dyeing your hair? What is the hair colour you have in mind? Share your suggestions at the comments section below!