How to Detect If You Are A Rebound


Don’t you just hate it when you are in a relationship with someone only to find out that you are that person’s rebound? Nothing hurts more than being in a relationship which you know is bound to end with a heartbreak.

While a happy ending rarely happens in this kind of relationship, expect to be disappointed and crushed once your “significant other” actually returns to their ex or suddenly leaves you. This usually happens when that person is just fresh off the market.

But besides that obvious factor, there are others that contribute to this rebound relationship. Here we breakdown some of the signs that you are indeed a rebound.

1.    They are hot and cold towards you

Rebound relationships can either move too fast or way too slow. One minute they are head over heels for you, doing things for and with you almost every day; the next minute they don’t seem to reply your texts or answer your calls, shutting you out from their daily life. This bipolar attitude happens because although they love the attention that they get from you, they don’t think you are that important to remain in their life.


2.    The relationship is mostly physical


Rebound relationships also are often physical with the sex being hot and exciting. But if you’re being honest, the dating side of it – the part where you get to know each other better, go on cute dates, being vulnerable together – seems a little off. That or just plain lacking. If they just want to see you in your underwear and don’t want to be emotionally invested, then it is an obvious sign that you definitely are a rebound.


3.    They always talk about their ex


It is bad enough that they are clearly not over their ex, they keep talking about her/him constantly! Either they will compare you to their ex, say something reminding them of their ex, or just talk about them for no reason; this is a good time to get out of this toxic relationship ASAP.


4.    They want to show you off

One of the telling signs that you are a rebound is that your “partner” wants to show you off even if you have only been dating for a couple of weeks. You will realise this when he/she starts posting about you on their social media page without your consent. To some it looks sweet, but we all know what the hidden agenda is, don’t we? And that is to show off to their ex that they are fine.


5.    You realise you are not their type

As much as it feels nice to have someone by your side, you must have wondered why that person would go for you even if you know that you are not her/his type. Don’t fall for the “because you’re different” or “I’ve never met someone like you” sweet talk BS. Think realistically; you’re the rebound in this relationship and you know it.


If any of these signs apply to your current relationship, it’s a good idea to bolt from it as soon as you can before you get your heartbroken. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to waste your time on someone who is just toying with your feelings.

So, how do you know when you’re in a rebound relationship? How do you handle it? Share with us at the comments section down below.