How to Dress Yourself for A Slimmer Look

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Diet and exercising are great for a slim fit look but that will always take a while for it to come true. Looking slim has been everyone’s dream especially for women because it gives confidence to them to face the world. But the problem here, you cannot look slim in just one night to attend a big corporate dinner for tomorrow!

People nowadays always want the easiest and fastest track to achieve fitness goals without going to the gym. Actually, there are lots of tips for an instant slim look without plastic surgery or any dangerous crash diet.

1) Wear black

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Our eyes actually do their work where they play an optical illusion theory where black objects exactly look smaller to us. Furthermore, it hides any folds and wrinkles around your body making the surface look smoother and thinner. We can see someone bulging belly on a light dress because the lighting cues give away the contours. Wearing black can reduce the lighting cues and all those wrinkles or any bulges on your body as it does not seem obvious to the eye. Black color does the best job of hiding the visual interruptions.

2) Choose the right patterns and prints

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We can give another optical illusion to the eyes by choosing the right patterns and prints of the clothes that you wear. Avoid anything that has the horizontal print, either it is big or small. You must also avoid any big patterns as they will give you a bigger look instead of a smaller look. The best patterns that you can choose to look fit is vertical stripes where this pattern will create a visual illusion to make you look thinner and even taller!


3) Wear heels

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Most women will wear high heels to make themselves look taller. But we cannot deny that it also helps in making your legs look longer which could make large calves look slimmer. Put on your feet a pair of low cut heels and you will have thinner and longer legs instantly. In addition, your body’s posture will eventually change when you put on heels, where your hips rotate to tuck in your bottom and it helps in keeping your shoulders and back straight.


4) Spend for an additional body shapewear

Shapewear is tight-fitting underwear which is most often used to control the shape and figure of your body. They are usually really tight and a bit uncomfortable, but it does the work amazingly well. There are available for top and the lower body.


5) Wear clothes that fit

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Avoid wearing any clothes that are too small or too big because both will make you look bigger than you are. In other words, you must wear clothes that fit your right size properly. As an example, it should be outerwear that will lightly hug your body’s form without squeezing. Avoid any clothes that add volume to the wrong places and making you look bigger than your actual size.


If you want to look like you magically dropped sizes in just one night, try one of these tricks. We do not have to push ourselves into the level which is considered beautiful and pretty but learn ourselves to work our bodies with confidence. Feel free to drop in a comment if you have any additional tricks.