How to Find Time for A Quick Workout Session on A Jam-packed Day


Finding the right time to squeeze in for a workout session when you are having a jam-packed day is actually quite challenging. With your hectic schedule, you will easily get demotivated to exercise. Whenever you could spare some time, you just want to relax and not drenching yourself in sweat! Undeniably, it is hard but you need to figure out how to insert a quick sweat session into your routine on a daily basis. Continue reading for tips on how to achieve this.

1. Make it as your priority


This is a matter of mindset. If you really want to achieve something, you will definitely try very hard listing it as your top priority and try as best as you could to make time for it. Same thing goes with your workout session. Treat it as something important that needs to be prioritized. Allocate a certain amount of time for working out in your daily or weekly schedule. By hook or by crook, you need to have the session. Set a reminder in your phone if necessary.

2. Be more efficient with your time


Let say you only have 30 to 40 minutes window of time to allocate for your workout, you have to be more efficient in managing it. Do not forget the amount of time that you take going back and forth to the park or gym. You have to also consider the time needed for shower and changing clothes. Otherwise, you will end up with having shorter workout time or taking more time than you could actually spare.

So, if your house is far from the park, you can opt to workout at home or just jog around the neighborhood. You’ll save your commute time. Alternatively, you can consider shorter workouts like Tabata or HIIT. These workouts will help you to burn more calories in less time. Make amendments, adjust when and where is necessary as long as you do not miss your workout.

3. Combine your workout with other tasks


When you are facing a jam-packed day at the office (or finishing chores at home), do not make an excuse to skip working out. Just make sure that you move more. Instead of sitting, you should stand. Always take the stairs instead of lift. Park further away from your office or shop, so you will manage to log more steps.

Incorporate your exercise with what you are doing. For instance, do some squats when you are opening a drawer or picking up something, lunges while you are on the phone or while preparing meals in the kitchen. You can do a chair workout while you are in front of the computer, reading e-mails. Hence, as you are getting your work done, you are also completing your workout goal.

4. Take exercise breaks


Always make it a habit to take exercise breaks. After sitting at your desk for quite some time, take a break. If you have the benefit of having an office or cubicle by yourself, utilize this time to do some stretching and simple workout moves like squats, mountain-climbers and side-lunges. Lunch break is a good time to sneak in a few circuits of HIIT workout if possible. However, if you have an appointment or meeting later, don’t forget to have a change of clothes in the office. The last thing you need is too look sweaty in front of your colleagues or bosses.

5. Are you a busy mom? Well, be a wise one


Use your time with your kids to exercise. You can turn on your favourite workout videos and sweat yourself out while monitoring the kids. Set up your equipment like treadmill and the exercise bike in the living room (or the kids’ playroom) so all of you can be together while doing your own things. Bring the kids to the park. While they play, find a spot so you can do your workout routine or join any fitness activities held by the community.

Got a little one on stroller? Walk a few rounds around the park. You can stop each round to do some lunges, jumping jacks and squats.

6. Make sure your workout is fun


Choose a workout that you like and enjoy the most - zumba, pilates, swimming or any sports like football, basketball and badminton. If your workout is something that you find fun, the chances of you committing to it is higher compared to other workout that makes you feel burdened. Find your favourite exercise, make sure that particular one fits in your busy schedule.


Above all, stop questioning yourself and stop figuring out whether or not it is the right time to exercise. Put on your sportswear. Just do it. Scrounge up some spare minutes to exercise regardless of how busy you are. Ready to feel good about yourself once you are able to actively working out. Do you have anything to be added? How do you find a way to commit to a workout routine? Do not hesitate to share with us in the comment box below.