How Your Pregnancy Will Affect Your Fashion Style


Yay! You just found out that you are pregnant! There's a tiny human in your belly. You feel great! Well, slightly nauseous, a bit light-headed, but you still feel good. The first three months you don't really gain weight. You don't understand the fuss everyone is talking about. You thought "I don't feel bloated. My clothes fit perfectly! In fact I lost a bit of weight and I gain these perkier boobs! I don't get why people need maternity clothes"

As time goes, you finally hit the 5 (or 6) month milestone and surprise! NOTHING FITS ANYMORE! Nothing! Your trousers can't be buttoned, there are gaps in your shirt showing your bare skin and your usual 3-inch heels feel like needles on your feet. You ask yourself why me? I thought i'd never need maternity wear. I thought i was special! Hah!

For mommies-to-be, does this sound familiar to you? Pregnancy makes you crave for comfortable things to wear, but it shouldn’t take away your fashion sense. Read on cause we'll share how to be happily and healthily pregnant and look good while doing it.


After hitting your second trimester milestone, most pregnant women find that the tummy is noticeably bigger and rounder. Your waist is now replaced with a bulging tummy holding your baby in it. While it is beautiful to witness, it could also be frustrating to find pants that fit. Initially, maternity pants will be too loose for you, though you will grow into them eventually. What helps is an invention called Maternity Belly Extender by 9Months. You can still wear your daily pants and jeans but instead of letting your fly undone, put on the belly extender to extend the width of the waistband. It also comes with detachable cloth patch to cover up exposed areas.

Once your pregnancy progresses and you find yourself needing actual maternity pants, fret not! ZALORA carries a wide range of chic maternity pants that people won't even notice that they are maternity wear. For casual wear, we love these jeans by 9months and Topshop.

If you are looking for office attire, we love this knee length maternity skirt and straight cut trousers, both by 9months and both are absolute maternity essentials!


Perkier boobs, growing belly.. These are good enough reasons to splurge on new maternity top that will be with you throughout your pregnancy and the months after when you need to nurse your baby. Opt for fabrics that give are soft and breathable. Working mamas love this Mamaway's 2 in 1 Maternity & Nursing Shirt with Cardigan that is suitable and comfortable for office wear. Opt for this chic yet simple olive maternity top by Dorothy Perkins for weekend brunches.


Pre-pregnancy, date nights and special occasions like weddings and kenduris will get you excited to put on dresses with good fit that flaunts your best features. If you think that you have to say goodbye to your fashion sense while being pregnant, you'll be pleasantly surprise that you are wrong. At ZALORA, you are spoilt with choices! We love this little lacy dresses from Ripe Maternity and Tiffany Rose. Chic and lace-ly romantic, they give the right dose of glam and comfort. If lace is not your thing, this dress with pleats is sure to turn heads. You'll look so good even Duchess Meghan Markle will turn to you for maternity fashion advise!


Gone were the days where maternity dresses are puffy and made pregnant women look like a sack of rice. These dresses from Ripe Maternity and Pietro Brunelli are good for weekend outings and day out with friends that you won't even realize that you are carrying a baby in your tummy!

There you have it, some of our favorite maternity looks. While being pregnant and creating a precious life inside of you is undeniably exhausting and come with many discomfort, it is a magical period of your life. Why waste it by not looking your best? Any particular maternity piece caught your attention? Let us know in the comment section below!