Important Fashion Pieces That Came From Sports


It is pretty obvious to see that sportswear is more accepted these days as many people don the look to places that do not require them to be sporty like in shopping malls, social events, and even – God forbid – wedding receptions!

Since this look is clearly the in thing today with the countless amount of sweatpants available everywhere, there are certain pieces that do not look like something that came out from sports but actually has a pretty strong background in that field. These fashion items look sleek, smart, and professional enough than your usual hoodie and joggers combo.

Let’s take a look at some of these essential items which you can include in your wardrobe.

1.    Rowing blazers


Out of all the clothes in this list, the rowing blazer might be the most professional looking fashion piece to ever come out of a sport. Obvious to its name, rowing blazers come from rowing, a water sport in which you propel a boat using oars. It was said to be originated in England which explains its natural preppy look that the English are famous for. What separates a rowing blazer with other ones is that the colour is usually brighter and has different coloured stripes on its lapel, also a big crest on the left side of the chest.


2.    Rugby shirts


A rugby shirt is another example of a straightforward attire from a sport. Only this time, the sport associated is dangerous. But danger aside, a rugby shirt looks good on literally anyone no matter if you look like one of those buff men who actually play the sport or an average joe who wants to style up his fashion game a little. Rugby shirts are not like any Polo shirt, however. It is always long-sleeved with striped patterns running across the top. The collar is in a different colour too, polarising the base colour of the shirt. You can wear this with any bottoms too like chinos, jeans, and even shorts.


3.    Varsity jackets

Varsity jackets introduced itself as letter sweaters in the 18th century by Harvard University. It is called a letter sweater because of the big letter on the left side of it which usually are the initials of the school. These jackets are often awarded to outstanding athletes in school to represent their home team. But now, a varsity jacket is worn by adults who have long graduated from school as a means of fashion. Varsity jackets give off a masculine sense for its bulky nature and will instantly make guys look ten times hotter than they are. Maybe that is why cheerleaders go for jocks?


4.    Baseball caps


You know that cap that you always wear when you want to cover up your bad hair day? That cap most probably originated from baseball. Baseball in America unknowingly started a huge trend in fashion. What started as caps that are sold as merchandise for fans to wear to show their support over their favourite team, ultimately became a key piece in fashion. Usually, it has the team’s initials on the front of the cap. But now, designer brands have tapped into the piece and made it its own using expensive fabrics which surprisingly works well on a suit.


Once in a while, leave your hypebeast athleisure in the closet and switch things up with these fashionable items instead. Do not worry, you are still wearing a sports piece. Only these looks baller and more matured for people to take you more seriously.

What other fashion items that come from the sports world that we missed? Comment them on the box below!