Men Crush February Issue: Up Close & Personal With Leslie Png


We are back with another edition of our monthly Men Crush Issue. This February, let us introduce you to Leslie Png who enjoys being a photographer since he was in high school. Taking photos of friends in class back in his younger days has come a long way now, taking his photography talents to the rest of the world where he travels and records his visits. But enough talk. Let’s get right into it with our exclusive interview with Leslie!

1.    Give us a little insight on what you do for a living.

I’m a freelance stylist and photographer, mainly for still life commercials. Besides that, I work part-time in an optical shop.


2.    How did your passion for photography come about?


I got into photography when I was in high school. I guess it started off with taking photos of my friends when we hung out as well as every small little thing that happened around me. Some of the time my photos did not make sense!


3.    We also noticed that you travel a lot. What was the best travelling experience that you’ve ever had?

One of the best travel experiences was to India. It was truly an eye-opening experience; blending into their culture, being stuck in the train packed with people going from cities to cities, seeing so many beautiful historical architectures that were left until today. Everything there seems to be new for me to adapt and I love it.


4.    Where was the best place you’ve been?


Japan was definitely the best place I’ve ever been. If I could, I would love to make it a yearly visit.


5.    What other things do you do when you have some free time?

Searching for photography inspirations and listening to music.


6.    What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

That I’m an optometrist by profession.


7.    Do you incorporate fashion into your travelling gear?


Yes, of course! But I won’t push it too hard on myself so it wouldn’t affect my trip.


8.    Where is the one place where you always wanted to visit?

New York City, USA.


9.    If you could get anybody to model for your photography shots, who would it be?

My grandma.



10.  What is your guilty pleasure song?

Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul.


11.  Which movie did you last cried to?

More Than Blue which was a 2018 Taiwanese movie by Gavin Lin.


12.  In your opinion, what is one thing people should pay more attention to?


Not taking things and people for granted.


13.  Who is your celebrity crush?

Dua Lipa.


14.  If you could have a casual chat with one Hollywood celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?

Anne Hathaway.


15.  What is the one clothing item you always bring everywhere when travelling?


My favourite underwear. I believe good underwear brings out the best of me from the inside.


16.  If your life were to be a movie, what would the title be, and which actor do you want to see play you?

Sherlock Holmes, and I would love Benedict Cumberbatch to play my title role.


17.  Is culture shock a thing for you when you visit different places?

I do get culture shock but I’m quite good at adapting to each environment.



18.  Since Chinese New Year was just a couple of weeks ago, how did you spend your Chinese New Year this year?

I spent it entirely with my family and friends back in my hometown, Kuching.


19.  Any Chinese New Year family tradition you do with your loved ones?

Reunion dinner so I get to eat my mum’s cooking and family visits.


20.  Every man in Malaysia should know how to….



Want to get to know more about Leslie? Go ahead and follow him on Instagram at @lesliepng and check out his beautiful photos which he captures himself. Who knows, maybe you get to be his model for one of his photography projects?

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