Moments When You'll Realise You're Getting Old


Do you realise that next year, 1990 is already 30 years ago? Not trying to make you 90’s kids feel old, but the truth is, we are getting old.

As much as we hate that our age is increasing, we seem to ignore our aging body and do things that obviously will test our physical capability only to complain that our back hurts. Or when your younger siblings test your aging mind when they asked you to spill the tea and you literally spilled a cup of hot tea. You might not realise it, but these are some of the moments when you notice that old age is creeping up to you slowly but surely.

1.    When your friends are getting married


Have you gotten to that point in life where all you see on Instagram are wedding photos of your friends? Well, we got news for you. You’re getting old. Your friends whom you pinky swore to never get married in primary school grew out of that “no boys/girls allowed” mentality and decided to blast your social media of wedding photos which only makes you feel bad about yourself. Don’t worry, we feel the same way too.


2.    Your body heals late


The older you get, the more you will realise that your body isn’t how it used to be. Other than major health issues that some people unfortunately have, you will start to notice the little things too. For example, wounds tend to heal slowly than it does when you were a lot younger, your back hurts just by lifting things incorrectly, and you take hours to recharge yourself after a night out partying.


3.    Don’t understand current references

That “did I do that?” Steve Urkel reference and your never-ending “Friends” quotes won’t be as much use at this time of age. Same goes to today’s references which seem so distant to what you are used to back in the day. From teen slangs like lit and thicc being used all over the internet to people quoting memes as a joke, the pop culture reference sure has changed along the years.


4.    When being alone is more fun


As you get older, doing things alone seems to be much easier and more fun. You don’t need to depend on other people which honestly, only slows you down. You would rather shop for clothes alone, eat by yourself, or even catch a movie solo and you would feel just as fun as having people around. In fact, you enjoy it more.


5.    You relate to the villain

Remember when you were younger, you would root for the hero in movies and absolutely hated the villain? That point of view somehow changes as you grow. Upon realising how the real world operates as you get older, the villain usually has a good point on wanting to defeat the system which you can totally relate to.



What are some of the things that make you feel you are getting older? Share with us at the comments section below.