One Up Your Plain White Tee With Various Types of Jackets


For men, a plain white tee is a must in their wardrobe. Plain white tee is the most basic outfit that is never outdated, the most comfortable to wear, and the hardest to pull off. A plain white tee can be styled in many ways, but does it suit all body types? The answer is definitely yes! It can be styled nicely with various types of jackets! Wear your plain white tee, pair them with any jacket that you want and there you go! Let’s have a look down below for the different types of jackets that men can pull-off over that plain white tee!

1. Blazer

London m str S19 001.jpg

People might think that blazers can only be worn for formal occasions, but they are totally wrong! It can be worn with a plain tee. Pull them off with jeans and a pair of sneakers! A new level of corporate-ish style.

2. Collared Jackets

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Collared jacket makes a man look more masculine. Pair them with a plain white tee, jogger pants, some accessories and black boots! You will definitely be the hottest among others!

3. Leather Jacket

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The leather jacket was always in trend since the 70’s. Leather jacket, also known as the “bad boy” style, will never go wrong with any outfit. Pairing them with the plain white tee is the simplest way of styling it without any doubt!

4. Denim Jacket

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Daniel Rhone, a Menswear Stylist & Personal Shopper once said “A denim is a fantastic option to have at your disposal for its versatility, especially at this time of the year”. The statement itself shows that denim jacket could never go wrong and when paired with a plain white tee, it will make you the center of attention. Whoever called the plain white tee a basic, was wrong!

5. Varsity Jacket

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So, what’s changed since the 1930s? People still wear varsity jacket and even style them on the runaway! Back in time, varsity became a popular trend during the 1930s and most of the high school in the United States and even the UK wear varsity jackets as their sport’s team look. This shows, varsity jackets will be never affected in time! Pairing them with a white plain tee is one of the best ways to style them in 2019!

6. Bomber Jacket

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Bomber jacket is a must in every man's wardrobe! You, at least need to own one of these. With plain white tee, bomber jacket can be styled in many ways on every occasion!

So, let us know which jackets do you like to pair the most with your plain white t-shirt in the comment section down below!