Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for Him


Valentine’s Day might be over, but love is still in the air for round two. Besides, turning Valentine’s Day into a Valentine’s Week isn’t such a bad idea.

By then, the both of you should already surprise each other with gifts on that particular romantic day by now. But if you somehow missed it and are still clueless with what to get him, don’t worry. We got your back.

Getting a guy a Valentine’s Day gift is honestly more difficult than getting one for a girl. They’re pickier than you would think. They’re more function over fashion. They prefer practical things they could actually use rather than things they could show off. Confused yet?

Browse through the list of things we think would be great a Valentine’s Day gift for the king of your life.

1.    Cufflinks


There is no denying that every man looks good in a suit. To add a little extra sexiness to the whole get-up, a pair of cufflinks would do the trick. Get one that suits his personal style well and see him turn into your own personal James Bond.


2.    Fragrance


Another part to a man’s sexiness is his scent. It immediately attracts women and ups his sex appeal to the max. So, why not get one for him? You’re benefiting from it anyway too. However, don’t go for those cheap colognes you’d find in a discount shop. Get ones that are high-end, professional-looking, and mature enough to have him smelling like a Hollywood star.


3.    Leather wallet


Do you have a man that uses the same ol’ wallet he has since high school? Well, time to change your man-child into an adult by getting him a sturdy leather wallet. One which he can store cash, receipts, and real important cards – his Pokémon trading cards isn’t one of them – and keep it in an organised manner.


4.    Personalised chocolates


Girls aren’t the only one who think chocolates are cute on Valentine’s Day. Guys do too! Since this is a special day of the year, don’t just buy ordinary chocolates. Personalise one with his name on it. That shows extra effort even for something so simple.


5.    Tech stuff


It is no secret that boys love their gadgets. Therefore, it is only fitting that you surprise him with a cool tech that he would enjoy. Although tech stuff is a little confusing, get to know what he likes beforehand or you will mistakenly by the wrong thing. You don’t want to spend your money on something he won’t use, do you?


6.    Watch


Of all the things you can surprise him with, the ultimate gift to get him for Valentine’s Day is a watch. Depending on the watch, a good one exudes masculinity and status which will instantly elevate his manliness and machismo. You don’t have to get a diamond encrusted Rolex watch if you couldn’t afford one. A simple summer watch would do. Besides, it’s the thought that counts.


It is never too late to get that special man a Valentine’s Day gift. Other than the ones mentioned, there are more items that can be a good surprise gift. Whatever you get though, we’re sure he’d appreciate it more than anything.

So, what did you get your man for Valentine’s Day? Share your story down at the comments section below.