Remembering Karl Lagerfeld (1933 - 2019)

Photo taken from:  Karl Lagerfeld Twitter

Photo taken from: Karl Lagerfeld Twitter

It is a sad day for fashion enthusiasts as we have lost an icon who has largely contributed to the industry since the early 60’s. Karl Otto Lagerfeldt, or more commonly known as Karl Lagerfeld died in Paris yesterday due to health complications that has yet to be disclosed. The German native was 85.

Lagerfeld was a giant name in the fashion industry as he has made several important turns that not only increased the recognition of the brand that he worked at during the time, but also his own name which led him into creating his own label in 1984.

To celebrate his genius work, let us remember the life of the fashion icon who is dear to our hearts, Karl Lagerfeld.


  • Getting to know Karl Lagerfeld

Photo taken from:  Karl Lagerfeld Instagram

Photo taken from: Karl Lagerfeld Instagram

Karl Lagerfeld was born on 10 September 1933 in Hamburg, Germany to parents who were far from the fashion industry. Only graduating from secondary education in Lycée Montaigne, he was off working for clothing brands, most notably Balmain whom Pierre Balmain himself took Lagerfeld under his wing. He was also designing freelance on the side to further express his own creativity in the world of fashion.


  • Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi and Chanel

Photo taken from:  Chanel Instagram

Photo taken from: Chanel Instagram

In 1965, Lagerfeld had gotten his big break when he was hired by Fendi to modernise the brand’s fur collection. His work proved to be revolutionary and favoured by the Italian label that he became the creative director until his passing – a position which, at that time, was only given a maximum of three years to make the brand a success.

However, it was with Chanel in 1983 where he exploded into stardom when he took over the reigns as creative director after the passing of Coco Chanel. The then dying brand had a major face-lift under Lagerfeld’s command due to his creativity to relate pop culture with fashion thus making a name for himself, literally with his Karl Lagerfeld brand.


  • Karl Lagerfeld’s personal touches

Photo taken from:  Karl Lagerfeld Instagram

Photo taken from: Karl Lagerfeld Instagram

The Karl Lagerfeld brand has continued to impress fashionistas with designs that are intricate yet simple enough to wear. Although being a household name in high-fashion, his relationship outside of the circle showed when he collaborated with more common brands like H&M and Puma. He even got in touch with streetwear when the trend was booming in 2017 when he collaborated with Vans, one of the few haute couture designers to have ever worked with the skating company.


  • What’s next for the Karl Lagerfeld brand?

Photo taken from:  Karl Lagerfeld Instagram

Photo taken from: Karl Lagerfeld Instagram

As of now, Chanel and Fendi have yet to name a successor after Lagerfeld’s passing. Whoever gets chosen has some big shoes to fill looking back at his impressive résumé. But honestly speaking, it is going to be a difficult task to find one as impactful as him.


How has Karl Lagerfeld impacted your fashion perspective? Do you own a piece by him? Tell us in the comments section below.