Should You Make a Move on Your Crush During Valentine's Day?


So, you have been eyeing this person for some time now. You have made contact at least once a day or smile when that person passes you by. You are dying to ask this crush of yours out but never can find the right timing. Well, your time is now as there is no timing more perfect than on Valentine’s Day.

The root meaning of Valentine’s Day is a day to be together with someone you have strong feelings for. So why are you doubting to approach your crush on this day that is filled with love?

We are here to explain to you why and how you should make a move on your long-time crush. And before you know it, your lonely night will turn into a fun one with the person you would hope to be with on Valentine’s Day.

1.    REASON: Nothing wrong in trying


First of all, there is nothing wrong in trying to approach your crush. Think about it, what is that worst that could happen? If your crush says yes, congratulations on you! But if he/she refuses, that is okay too. You can at least admit that you have tried, because it is better to try and fail than not trying at all.


2.    REASON: It is the loveliest day of the year


While you could try to approach your crush on any other day, Valentine’s Day just packs a little more oomph. It sends a clear message that you are indeed trying to make a move on that lucky person. If he/she does not take the hint on the day that is clearly all about love, we suggest you move on and find another one to go crazy about.


3.    METHOD: Calm yourself beforehand

Although it is Valentine’s Day and there is a lot of pressure because of that, it is very important that you calm yourself down first before approaching her/him. It would not look cool if you are seen panicking whenever your crush appears or worse, bolt off midway when what you should have done is say hi.


4.    METHOD: Keep it simple


We understand if you feel like you should go all out on this special day but hold your horses there, Romeo. Nothing turns a person off with excessive gifts that scream you are trying way to hard to get their attention. Instead, keep things simple with your gifts. A chocolate bar or a Valentine card would do just fine. Do not go too overboard with large bouquet of flowers, roses all over the table, and definitely do not buy them clothes!


5.    METHOD: Be straightforward

This might possibly be the most terrifying way but being honest could work wonders. Sure, you need all the bravery in the world, but honesty is surely the best policy. All you need to do is just tell your crush that you have a thing for them and ask them out. It is that simple. It will be scary if you think too much about it but hey, what is the worst that could happen?


As cliché as it sounds, Valentine’s Day is actually the perfect time to approach your crush. It is the most romantic time of the year, so why shouldn’t you make your move? Just be confident, be yourself, and do not overdo it and you should be fine.

So, are you finally going to make your move? What are your master plans? Share with us at the comments section below.