Things To Do When You Are Still in Your Twenties


It is already 2019 and some of us who are still in their twenties (and also those who just entered the twenties, welcome on board) might be thinking, what can we do while we are still in our carefree twenties phase? Here are some suggestions that might help you to go through your twenties having fun while being responsible.

1. Save Money


Money is not everything but everything needs money. During your twenties, most of you will still have relatively small financial commitment, so why not take the opportunity to save a bit? Even if it’s only a tiny portion of your earnings. You can be on a tight budget but still save a little money. Your future self will thank you for it. Anyway, it’s like disciplining yourself over food, you might be on a diet but sneak in a crafty bar of chocolate. Similarly, you may sometimes need to have a cheat month when you go on a spending spree.


2. Chase your dreams


Sounds like a risk, right? This is probably a suitable time for you to leave your comfort zone and pursue the things that you dream of doing. If you succeed, that’s great news! But what if you fail? No worries, you can always rise back and make another leap of faith (you also will have a great story to tell later on). Trust me, if you don’t chase your dreams now, when you leave your twenties, you will start having all those regrets which we don’t really want, do we?


3. Take care of your health


In our twenties our metabolism is in their best condition, so we think to ourselves “it’s alright, this stuff I am about to eat won’t make any difference to me”. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our metabolism slows down and all those unhealthy habits that we acquired when we were in our twenties will haunt us.


4. Volunteer


While you are still in your carefree twenties, why don’t you contribute more to society? How to contribute you may ask is by volunteering! Volunteer work will totally change your perspective in life and also it can humble you. Go and help others while you gain more experience.


Are you in our twenties? If you are, why don’t you drop a comment and share with us your plans on how to spend your twenties.