Why A Theme Park Is An Ideal Place For A First Date


After a long conversation with your loved one, you have decided you want to meet your partner for the first time and it’s called a first date. You can’t lie that you feel excited to meet him/her! There are so many places playing in your mind for the first date but the one that you really think is ideal fr a fun yet less pressure date is a theme park. So why a theme park is an ideal place for a first date?  Here are some reasons.

1. High chances for closeness


Take a look at the seat arrangement of the ferris wheel. You can seat closer to each other or maybe hold each other hands while enjoy the beautiful view from the top. Also, some of theme parks may have fireworks which can create a romantic moment when you are on it.

2. Knows partner’s true characters

There are many things you can do when you are at the theme park. It helps to reveal your partner’s characters, for example. the reaction he/she gets from haunted houses to roller coaster rides. You can catch an honest reaction of their personality.

3. Covers your nerves


Eventhough you keep inhaling and exhaling to keep yourself calm during the date, do not worry because when it comes to theme park, you can cover your nerves nicely! Trying something extreme at the theme park can definitely help you from showing too much that you are starting to fall in love with your partner.

4. Avoid boredom and awkwardness

Hard to tell but you must expect that first dates can make both of you awkward. Sometimes it may be because your partner is not talkative so you also do not want to ask too much personal questions to get to them him /her. But things will flow nicely as there are so many entertaining games like the relaxing arcade games which you could have a chance to win a prize and giving it to your partner on the date as a memory of that date.

5. Just wear casual outfit


No matter what, comfort is the key for your outfit. No need to wear boots or heels to impress your partner. You will do fun activities so why not go for the classic look of t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

6. Create good conversation


Some of the activities at a theme park might try your patience where it needs you to wait and queue. So, you need to constantly chat and  start a conversation with your partner in order to break the silence. But as time passes, you probably have already created a good conversation where you both would not want the date to end.

What do you guys think about a theme park as an ideal place for a first date? Leave a comment below.