ZALORAYA2019 Designer Line Up + Pop Up Event


The moment you all have been waiting for. We are back again before every Raya season with the long-awaited fashion show from ZALORA to feature stunning pieces from designers and brands this year. You probably have read the recap of what we did last, and if you didn’t, have a read here - ZALORAYA2018 Fashion Show Throwback

Remember we promised to make the announcement? Start your countdown right away as ZALORAYA2019 Fashion Show (by invitation only), the event will happen on 14th March 2019. With three time slots from 2pm, 5pm and 8pm shows, here are among the designers and brands lined up for this spectacular day to showcase their new Raya collection.

  •     Afiq M

  •      Ezzati Amira

  •      3thelabel

  •     Justin Yap

  •     Lubna

  •    Nurita Harith

  •      PETRA

  •      Syafiq Kyle

  •      Syaiful Baharim

  •      Syomir Izwa

  •      Tom Abang Saufi

  •      Yadotsa

  •      ZALIA

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Apart from the ZALORAYA2019 Fashion Show that will be held during the day (by invitation only), fret not as everyone else can feel free to come to enjoy exciting giveaways and goodies bags from our Fashion & Beauty Popup Event! The Popup event will start from 10am-10pm at White Box, Publika. You can also experience various workshops and activities during that day as well while watching the live stream of the show commencing on the screen at White Box. Mark your calendar and let us know down below if you will be coming to join in the fun!