ZALORAYA2019 Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer, Jovian Mandagie


The well-known fashion designer, Dato Jovian Mandagie never fails to impress us with his Raya collection every year. This year, the designer is bringing you his latest Raya designs playing with the concept called ‘Aloha’. The inspiration behind this collection is of the fantasy of seaside getaways, water lapping on the sand and summery imaginings. To celebrate his latest collection with ZALORAYA this year, we have gotten the chance to have a fun exclusive interview with the designer himself. 

1.    Every Jovianista cannot wait to see your Raya creation this year. Share with us what was your inspiration for this year’s Raya collection?


For this year’s collection, we are inspired by the summery imaginings, tropical-Hawaiian vibe and rising fantasies of sunny seaside getaways that can be seen throughout the selection of prints and detailing in the designs, hence the collection is called as Aloha!


2.    What separates this year’s Raya collection than your previous ones?


In this collection, you can find a lot of bright and bold floral prints, colour-blocking and distinctive bead works that we never actually designed in our past collections. Something that we feel our customers will definitely look for. 


3.    Which colour do you think will dominate Raya this year?

It will be somewhere between the tone of Caribbean-sea blue, turquoise, pearly peach, peony pink, carmine red, sage to olive green.


4.    It cannot be denied everyone has a traditional Raya details that they look forward to. Tell us what’s yours?

As what the brand is famous for, our design will carry a unique detailing across all designs in the collection – from beading, piping, ribbons to ruffle detailing that set this collection apart from the other brands out there.


5.    Please share with us any favourite childhood memories that stuck with you until today.


My favourite childhood memory is probably when I played rollerblade with so much confident that I could pull it off without even knowing how to do it, and by that time I was trying to show off to this girl I was hitting on, but then I slipped my feet to the ground and fell down terribly from down the hill and it was so embarrassing. Now whenever I think of it again, it always makes me laugh a little. Haha!


6.    As you know, ZALORA’S Raya concept this year revolves around the concept of wayang kulit. What Hollywood movie would you like to see recreated in wayang kulit form?

I think it would be cool if we can experience a James Bond movie recreated into a Wayang kulit performance.


7.    In your opinion, how do we preserve the art of wayang kulit in Malaysia?

As someone who loves preserving arts and heritage, I really think we should highlight more on the beauty of Wayang Kulit itself and we can get designers and personalities to collaborate more on promoting a Wayang Kulit performance that will expose the art of Wayang Kulit in the society, especially the young generation who may not be too familiar with it. With the help of social media, and the influence that they have among their followers, I’m sure we can boost up the awareness on preserving Wayang Kulit


8.    What can Jovian Mandagie fans look forward to this 2019? Any upcoming future projects?


There’s a fresh air and new direction from JM labels that you can look forward this 2019. The team has so much new thing to share from designs, collaborations, expansions and stories to tell that will create new era and experience in our offering. We will be doing a series of events from new collection launches to the biggest annual show we would ever have. Nothing much we can reveal more now, but do stick around for what’s about to come next!