ZALORAYA2019 Exclusive Interview with LUBNA’S Fashion Designer, Nina Aziz


As ZALORAYA 2019 Fashion Show is just around the corner, here we are bringing you an exclusive interview with the brain, talent and soul behind the LUBNA Collection, Nina Aziz. Nina Aziz has steered the LUBNA brand into a successful name with its amazing beautiful, trendy yet functional designs. Read our interview with her down below on her spilling some tea on her 2019 Raya collection and her journey of becoming a new mom.

1.   When did you start planning your design process for LUBNA ZALORAYA 2019 Collection?


Me and our modest wear team usually start kicking off 12 months ahead of time before Raya. It starts from research, discussion, designing, sourcing, developments and a lot of planning.


2.   Share with us what inspired you to come up with the concept around LUBNA Raya collection?

Inspired by the high-spirited and joy of youth, collection for S/S19 entices us with a dreamy escape from the monotony of the day-to-day while accentuating the signature flowy, modern twist of the traditional silhouette.


3.   Do you have a favourite piece from your Raya collection this year? If yes, please state which one.


It would be the Waffle Lace Kebaya Set, a modern take on classic kebaya set with a flare cut to create extra comfort and it’s practical for nursing moms.


4.   Is there any new element in this year’s Raya collection that sets LUBNA different from previous years?


We are Introducing a new line called Lubna Curve, to cater women from size 2XL to 5XL.And this year we also include matching Couple Looks with Lubna Homme for couples or family members to make it accessible in coordinating their Raya looks. New shapes: Kebaya Labuh, Asymmetrical drapes, Innerwear for nursing.


5.   We discovered that you are experiencing the journey of motherhood. What is the best thing of becoming a mother?

The best thing about being a mother, there is too many to be listed down! I feel like I have a purpose, that I found my calling, my true meaning in life. All the things you learn about yourself and about your capacity for loving someone else in a way you could never have imagined before becoming a mom. And It's also the little moments. The way my baby giggles uncontrollably when I sneeze; the way she babbles randomly; the peaceful, comforting way it feels to have a sleeping baby curled up on you and the smile she gives early in the morning it makes me feel content.


6.   Share with us how you handle being a mom while balancing your career in fashion.


 Being a new mom was tough, but I learned to accept that there will be good and bad days. Having a great support system from family, friends and colleagues makes a huge impact in the coping mechanism. The key for me was learning to focus on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance between profession and parenthood.


7.   What is one thing you learned throughout the years as the designer for LUBNA?


 What I learnt throughout the years as the designer for LUBNA, it’s not just about designing good looking clothes. I’ve learnt on how to create, and to meet most of the customers’ needs and wants in a collection and to cater to different types of body shapes and sizes. But there's still a lot more unknowns to be discovered and learnt.


8.   What can fans look forward to for upcoming LUBNA Collection on ZALORA this year? Give us hints!


An abundance of selection of fun and practical pieces to suit your Raya outfit needs. Expect detailing such as drapes, ruffles, drawstrings, tie-knots, dainty floral prints, striped print, lace trimmings, 3D embellishment and a whole lot more!


If you are eagerly waiting for the new Raya collection from LUBNA? Don’t forget to check out ZALORA!

* * Photographer: Agnes Leong / Instagram @onceoverlightly