3 Ways to Keep Your White Sneakers White

Sneakers have became a trend nowadays. We are used to see people wearing sneakers with various outfit looks. White sneakers have been the number one must-have to own in your shoe collection because it easy to be match with various types of outfits. However, too maintain the cleanliness of white sneakers is not so easy. Let’s try these three ways to keep your white sneakers white!

1. Wax Your Sneakers to Make it Waterproof


Applying wax on your sneakers can keep the whiteness of sneakers and also can make it water resistant. This can be applied to newly bought sneakers or after you clean your sneakers. Rub the sneakers with wax and then dry it with a hair dryer. Or you may buy liquid waxing spray and apply it to your sneakers. Then, you can test it by dropping water on your sneakers to prove its effectiveness.

2. Do Not Wash Sneakers When Dirt Is Still Wet


When sneakers are dirty or muddy, let it dry first so the dirt does not spread to other areas on your sneakers. Once the dirt is dry, rub that area with a brush. Use water and soap for sticky ones. Never ever use the washing machine to wash your sneakers to keep it long lasting. Using hot water also may cause your white sneakers start yellowing.


3. Avoid Direct Sunlight to Dry Your Sneakers


Same like hot water, direct sunlight can cause your white sneakers start yellowing fast when the temperature gets too hot. You may cover your sneakers using tissue or white towels before you place the sneakers under direct sunlight. Do not use newspaper, as the carbon on the newspaper can be transfer on your sneakers if your sneakers are wet.


Simple tips to keep your white sneakers still looking white right? Hope this give you ideas on how to maintain the whiteness and quality of your sneakers. Do you know other ways that may help? Leave your ideas down below.