A Simple Guide to Faking Your Natural Look


Some days your skin might not be doing so great and going out with bare face might not be a tempting option. Makeup can help you to enhance your features and make you feel pretty but too much makeup can be a disaster as well. So if you just want to look natural and attractive to the people around you, fake your natural look. The no makeup- makeup look does not require a lot of products on your face. Like its name, you want the makeup to be minimal and simple.

1. Prep

You want your skin to be well hydrated and glowing as it is key for a natural look. Therefore, apply a thin layer of moisturizer on your face before you start applying makeup as it helps in creating an ideal base. You can also apply your face with primer in order to make your makeup smoother and last longer. Do not forget your SPF!


2. Base

To create a natural base, you can use a foundation with light to medium coverage or BB cream works too. Liquid foundation is mostly recommended because the coverage is easy to build on.

 You also can conceal your face using concealer if necessary. Using concealer with one or two shades lighter than your foundation will help to brighten up your under eyes. Please make sure you blend your foundation and concealer well.

3. Cheeks


This is optional but if you want your face to look a little smaller you can apply on a warm tone bronzer on under your cheekbones, jawline and head temples.

Choose blusher that looks more natural on your skin and apply it on your cheeks and blends into your cheekbones. Blusher will make your face more alive but make sure not to overdo your blusher.

 4. Highlight


You can also apply a subtle amount of highlight on the higher part of your cheekbones and tip of your nose. Highlight can give a healthy glow on your face. Cream blusher is most recommended for natural looks as it easy to bend and give a beautiful sheen.

5.  Eyes


For eyebrow, you should fill in your natural brows instead of restructuring (draws) your eyebrows. Fill in your eyebrow with a light hand.

Use warm tone or neutral eye shadows, apply on your crease and blend it well to give more definition on your eyes. You can apply a thin layer of mascara. No liners are needed.  


6.     Lips


Finish your natural looks with a pink, nude lipstick or clear lip gloss. You do not need a bright coloured  lipstick to compliment your looks.


Share with us your favourite part in faking a natural look on the comment section below.