Appear Contemporary in Classic Design with SYAIFUL BAHARIM 2019 Raya Collection

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One aspect that is most important in a traditional Raya outfit is its classic design that feels evergreen even throughout the years when it was first created for us Malaysians. However, a lot of designers fuse modern elements into it which gives a little more flair to classic design. And none does it better than SYAIFUL BAHARIM.


SYAIFUL BAHARIM welcomes his 2019 Raya collection by adding in subtle modernism into outfits that are already perfect as they are. True to the phrase “if it ain't broke, don't fix it”, the Malaysian-made label respects its classic feel that has been there since the creation of a basic baju kurung or baju kebaya, but inserted some SYAIFUL BAHARIM signature touches on it to stamp it as his own.

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As you can see, most of a SYAIFUL BAHARIM piece come in plain. Therefore, colours play a huge role in the collection. This time, he brings warm but vibrant colours to his collection such as burnt orange, golden beige, green, and many others which will sure to separate you from everybody else.

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Since a lot of the clothes in his collection are seen in plain, it comes to show that SYAIFUL BAHARIM respects the classic feel by keeping it simple without any over the top frills. All you need now is your own personal accessories like a necklace that compliments the V-neckline of a SYAIFUL BAHARIM kurung piece to add grace into your Raya outfit.