Bring Moroccan Art with YADOTSA 2019 Raya Collection

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Looking back at YADOTSA’s impressive Raya collection in 2015, fans were astounded by its clever use of Moroccan design fused in traditional Malaysian clothes like the baju kurung and baju kebaya. This year, the Malaysian label built by two passionate designers is back with its new Moroccan inspired collection to be worn by fashion-forward women out there during Raya season.

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Established in 2009, YADOTSA recreated the whole Moroccan feel that it brought in 2015 and introduces a new way of experiencing Moroccan culture by applying prints taken from the Islamic architecture that the country is so popular of. The Zellige is seen evidently on YADOTSA’s Raya collection with colours that represents the archways that are found on traditional Moroccan shops or main entrances.


But to still maintain the look of the brand, YADOTSA keeps its signature floral prints on the collection. These floral prints also play well with during Raya as it is a common pattern when it comes to traditional Malaysian wear. Moreover, white pastel laces are seen on the clothes which compliments the overall design of the fashion piece.


Designed with the contemporary woman in mind, YADOTSA mixes classic and modern designs effortlessly which will have you be on top of the latest trend in fashion while maintaining the overall traditional look one would go for during Raya.

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YADOTSA wants you to feel confident while exuding a Malay girl-next-door level of elegance which will have the boys go crazy over your Raya OOTD. So, go on and set a different standard in traditional Raya clothing this year with designs inspired by a culture that is far ahead in Islamic fashion.