Celebrate Love, Family, & Women with EZZATI AMIRA 2019 Raya Collection

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Good news EZZATI AMIRA fans! She’s back at it again showcasing her brand new Raya collection exclusively for this year’s ZALORAYA, bringing chic and sophisticated traditional Malaysian clothes to the forefront like she always does. While last year sees her attempt on blending traditional and contemporary prints together, this time however, her Raya collection revolves around floral prints which each has an emotional backstory according to the dear designer.


The EZZATI AMIRA Raya collection is all about the various women who have impacted her life. Her mother and both grandmothers are the backbone who have shaped her into becoming the woman she is today. And to celebrate them, she encapsulated the emotions evoked from her past memories regarding these three figures into her Raya collection.


Focusing on fit and flare silhouettes this year, EZZATI AMIRA gather intricate details, beading embellishments, luxurious fabrics, embroidered textures, and many more into her rich colours. It wouldn’t be an EZZATI AMIRA fashion line though without her signature colourblocking scarf which goes well with literally anything in the collection.


EZZATI AMIRA doesn’t just stick to the conventional baju kurung nor baju kebaya. She switches things up with a modern take on the classic design like fusing kimono sleeves to a baju kurung Kedah, peplum skirts to a basic kebaya, and many other interesting combinations which will have you stealing the spotlight at every Raya open house you attend.


So, make sure you keep an eye out for EZZATI AMIRA’s beautiful Raya collection which will make its debut on ZALORAYA2019 and also be available on the ZALORA website.