Experience Modern Art Through 3THELABEL 2019 Raya Collection


What do you get when you have three of the most talented designers in Malaysia together in one space? You get 3THELABEL, a collective fashion brand that is on everyone’s must-have list come Raya this year knowing that the three designers are the best working in the scene today. Justin Yap, Nurita Harith, and Syomirizwa Gupta form the supergroup that is 3THELABEL and are bringing you the best in Raya fashion today.


The three came to an agreement that modernism is the in thing this Raya. While a lot of other brands do the same thing, – fusing modern and traditional together – 3THELABEL took it to the next level with inspirations coming from famous world artists of the 20th century.


Salvador Dalí, Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, and Gustav Klimt are a few names that they pay homage to through their Raya collection. It is modern art on a traditional Raya piece which honestly, is a combination that we needed in fashion.


The choice of colours is subtle that do not scream “LOOK AT ME” yet strong enough to catch people’s attention. Colours like beige, cobalt, mint, mustard, and others of the same aesthetics are the highlight of 3THELABEL’s Raya collection.


To continue the tradition of last year’s collection, the prints on these new ones are of graphic brush strokes, reflecting each of the designers’ style.


If you are still second-guessing whether to get 3THELABEL or not, look at it this way. You are getting your Raya piece designed by three local fashion heavyweights for the price of one. How could you ever say no to that?

Van Gogh_2.jpg