Explore the Mythical World of ZALIA 2019 Raya Collection

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If you are not panicking about getting your Raya clothes just yet, you probably should. Knowing that the holiday is just months away, it is perhaps a good idea to start browsing for the perfect Raya outfit for you. Worry not as ZALIA brings you a collection that you would not want to miss out on.

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ZALIA is back this year with its own Raya collection which builds on a fantasy of a fairy queen who lives in a mythical and whimsical forest. Aptly called Wanderlust, ZALIA takes inspiration from the natural elements that are found in forests like flowers and foliage which are imprinted on the collection.

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These are evident in its colours that ZALIA adapted to its collection which mostly revolve around earthy tones to capture the forestry vibe. The black and gold colour combination on a long gown cutting dress on the other hand, gives off the fairy queen part of the line.

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Since Raya only happens once a year, now is your chance to look your absolutely best at during the festive season. With ZALIA’s Raya collection, you are going to steal the spotlight from everyone making you the talk of the event.